Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Mambo Vipi!
This past was pretty crazy and went by super super fast! Some awesome experiences and some sad stuff.
So the main highlight this week was on Alhamici (Thursday) with one of our investigators, James Mutisia.  He has a family of 3 little awesome girls (one of which I've baptized) and his wife Anastacia. They are all members except for him, so his wife has been praying for a long time that he would accept the gospel and become a member. So on Thursday we got to visit with him and were able to share about the Book of Mormon, and also about prayer. And it was such a awesome spiritual lesson! He told us of how sometimes he takes his wife's Book of Mormon and reads it on occasions, and that he feels like its a good and true book. Also felt like Elder Tebbs and I did a good job of teaching by the spirit, and James was GLUED to us. He was sooo focused and was asking lots of good questions, which is sooo great because that shows that he is actually concerned and interested in our message.  But at the end of the lesson I invited him to be baptized.... and he accepted!So we are aiming for the 10th of November for him, but that could change if it needs be.  But it was such an awesome lesson with him.  I really feel like God has prepared James to hear the Gospel at this time. He is an awesome guy and we will continue to work with him and help him. But things are looking good with James!
Also this week i got the chance to give a blessing to the District President, Steven Mwangangi. So this past week he was having some health problems and was just feeling really tired and sluggish. We got to see him on Thursday, and he seemed ok. But on Friday he got super super sick, and was throwing up all night and was having some major problems. So they took him to the "health clinic" to be tested, and there they diagnosed him wrong and gave him wrong medication. No surprise there. So Saturday he was not doing good at all, so the Couple missionaries came to me and Elder Tebbs and asked if we could go with them to help give him a blessing. So of course we changed our plans up and went with him. When we got there we could obviously tell that he was not doing good.  This is a guy that usually has a lot of energy, always smiling, and always talking. But when we got there he could barely even smile and was pretty incoherent.  So i was able to give him a blessing, and it was a great experience.  Felt good that i was ready and able to use the priesthood authority that i have. The blessing went well and i felt like i was directed by the spirit in the things i said.  So after that the couples took him to Nairobi, 4 hours away, to take him to the hospital. Turns out that he had super high blood pressure, and actually had a brain hemorrhage and had bleeding in his brain... so it was a pretty serious thing. If they would have not taken him to Nairobi, he most likely would have died at his home.  So we are still hoping that he gets better, he is a awesome guy who is really helping Chyulu to one day become a stake. So that was pretty crazy.
But things are looking good here in Darajani. We are still doing a lot of contacting and finding, but we are also being blessed with unexpected opportunities. On Sunday we were on our way to an appointment when it started raining really hard! So lucky for us we were close to the branch presidents home, so he let us inside. So when we got inside his home, he had one of his friends over, Jones. Jones is a pastor for a local church around... hah so at first we were a little skeptical about talking with him for fear of a bible bash! But he started asking us a lot of questions about our church, because he had heard a lot of things about it (all of which were not true). But we were able to briefly teach him about the restoration and the priesthood. He was especially interested in the priesthood, which was great. So we explained how in our church we have the same  priesthood that Jesus Christ himself had. So he was really interested and we plan to meet him again this week. But if it wouldn't have started raining we would have never met him... so yes God works in mysterious ways.... which is good!!!!
Other than that things are coming along slowly but surly. Unfortunately we found out that our white investigator (who we had lost total contact with) passed away. I was really really saddened when i heard this. I really liked Jack, he was an awesome guy. Its sad to think about him leaving this earth, but then again its good to know the plan of salvation. That he will continue to have the opportunity to hear the gospel in the Spirit world and accept it there and still be able to have all that our Heavenly Father has in store for us. The plan of salvation is perfect, and I'm glad that we have the full knowledge of it!
Also on a more positive note, i bargained big time once again to get 3 jerseys for 1000 ksh! so 2 awesome Kenyan jerseys and one Ethiopian jersey all for just about 10 dollars hahahahha yeah for KENYA!
But i Love you all! Have a super week!
Elder Thomas

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