Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2013

Another fast week out here in Mautuma!

This week I got to go on exchanges to Kitale with elder Maduna, and
had a pretty interesting experience. So a month ago they had a member
die in their branch, and still hadn't had any sort of funeral service.
So they finally put together a "memorial service",the day before while
I was in Kitale and guess what... They assigned me and elder Maduna to
give 30 minute talks! The night before. haha. I had to rush to put
together a talk on the atonement.  It was really nice studying about
it and studying it in depth. Its like the best thing ever to be
honest.  Really tried to focus on the resurrection and then also how
through grace and mercy we can be forgiven. So the next day we show up
to the church 5 minutes before it starts and no one is there. So we
waited for a little bit... then 30 minutes go by and the branch
president shows up. We asked him if we were still having the service,
and he just said ya its just running a little bit behind. So we waited
another hour... and only 4 other people showed up. Long story short we
prepared 30 minute talks for nothing.  The guy never showed up to
the church with the body and we wasted almost the entire day. I was
pretty upset. But it was good though because i got to study about
the atonement.  So it kind of worked out in the end but not really

Another on the spot thing. On Sunday we were in our PEC meeting with
the branch. All was going well and we were discussing different church
matters and how we could help. Then randomly, 10 minutes before church
started, our 2nd counselor said "ohhh ummm... we don't have any one to
give talks today... what do we do." Immediately the branch president
turns to me and says "well Elder Thomas is right here. You are ready
right?"..... ummm hahaha. I had no choice but to say yes.  They wanted
me to be the first speaker and speak for 15 minutes... ha.  So i
wasn't able to prepare anything, but i relied on the spirit and just
went for it! And it actually turned out really good.  I was able to
speak on Missionary work, so that made it easier haha. I talked a lot
about how as members the best way we can do missionary work is to just
live the gospel and being a good example to others.  I shared the
experience of me back home working construction and then meeting Moses
and how he asked me more about the church.  So it was actually really
nice, and a lot of members came up and said i did a good job. If ye
are prepared ye shall not fear! hahah it was a very interesting
sacrament meeting.

Also this week we had no bikes! On Wednesday half way through the day,
my front tire completely ripped and exploded. Legitimately.  And
because there are no spare bike parts any where close to hear, we have
to wait another week or 2 to get a new tire. So we walked kabisa. It
was funny because we had to walk 1 1/2 hours up the hill in our area,
so while we were walking, a tractor came by with a trailer on the
back.... so what did we do?? we flagged it down and got a ride up the
hill in it! haha it was really nice and we got up to the top of the
hill in only 25 minutes! it was really nice. Then we contacted all of
the guys with a Law of Chastity pamphlet... score one for the

But things are going well here! Hope that JOE HAS A GREAT 12th
birthday!!!! YAAAAAA! Love you Joe. Newest deacon in the Avalon branch
Have a great week!

Elder Thomas

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