Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014


Well there is a Kibukusu greeting for you ha.
This week.  First transfer news.... I will be staying in Kitale with Elder Dick again! So that is nice.
But really this week, nothing super interesting to report about.  Except in Sikhendu tho, we are starting to teach this deaf guy.  His name is Charles.  He stays at the institute called Prince of Peace, which is just a place for those deaf people and others who have similar disabilities.  The only way we can communicate is by writing things down on paper and just going back and forth like that. He also taught me how to do a few signs in Kenyan Sign language, just greetings, saying thank you, and also saying we are going.  It was pretty cool tho, he was a super cool guy.  I was with one of the members named David Kigalu from the branch, and he was just kind of like umm what is going on around here... he seemed kind of uncomfortable. But we both laughed about it after.  It was just really weird because the entire time we didn't say a thing. 
Also, on Saturday, we went out to Natiri to help out with the open house that the elders there were having.  It took us forever to get there though! It took 3 hours total to get there. Super long, but we were happy to help out there.  The open house turned out ok.  For Elder Dick and I, we went around the market there and did some contacting, and it was nice because it was market day so there were quite a few people.  But man, in Naitiri persecution against the church is really bad.  It used to be so bad that when missionaries there would try to buy stuff from shops, people would not give them anything, because they thought that the money would be cursed.... haha ya.  Things people believe.  But now its not as bad, but there were a good number of people who totally blew us off.  But we were able to find some potential people for those guys there.  It was great to be out there helping them with the rest of the zone, trying to get the work moving out there. 
Other than that not much else this week.  Rough Sunday, only had one investigator at church. But, whats great is that Walter is still doing great.  He loves coming to church and even brought his daughter this week.  So I'm happy that at least he is progressing well in the gospel.  YA!
Sorry not much else this week. But YAAAA for Emmy reading the Book of Mormon in 30 days!! That is super fast!! The Book of Mormon is a huge blessing that all of us can take advantage of.  All we have to do is read it and really look for things that we can apply to our lives.  Read it!!!   LOVE YOU ALL

Elder Thomas

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