Tuesday, December 2, 2014

KFC for Thanksgiving but all is well!

Wow i cant believe that its already december... only one more month of 2014....crazy.

But this past week was not bad, and some pretty interesting stuff going on here...

So let me just get to the juicy info.  On tuesday, elder harris and I were in the office doing some few things, when president Hicken came out of his office. He came up to greet us, as usual, but out of know where he says ''Elder Thomas, you will be training the new elder who will be coming in tomorrow, he is all yours.'' .... I was like ummm whaat!? haha soo crazy! So now I know that I will be finishing my mission training a new missionary.  But even what's more than that.... the new missionary is Elder Musasia.... who was 2 weeks ago Brother Eunicon.... one of our ward missionaries!!! I've already worked with him before and we know each other pretty well.  So for now, we will be in a three some here in Upper Hill, and then at the end of the transfer Pres. Hicken said that both of us will be transferred out and white wash an area.... so that's interesting as well.  But for now we are still in Upper Hill with Elder Harris.  Elder Musasia was originally assigned to the Johannesburg South Africa mission, but because of visa problems, he will be in Kenya for now.  But until he goes we will be together!. So i will probably have one last area to serve in.  

Wednesday we had an early start, taking the Hickens and AP's to the airport, and then to pick up Elder Musasia from the airport coming in from the Ghana MTC. He was happy to be back in Kenya! He is just a really happy and positive guy, so it will be good to be with him.  The rest of the day was just filled with office work that we had to do... so i felt bad for Elder Musasia just because he was just like following us around, not really doing any proselyting.  

Thursday we had our MLC (missionary leadership council), which was pretty nice.  We talked about how to improve our councils as missionaries in our districts and zones, and even how there are soo many councils in the church, and how that effective counseling makes a huge difference in the administrative side of the church.  So that was nice.  Also we had KFC (yes they do have KFC in kenya)..... and it was powerful! not quite turkey.... but close enough!! it was waaaay good. We had to drop of elder musasia in Riruta for the day because of our meeting... but he said that he enjoyed things there, which was good.    

Friday we had to drive some elders around so they could get back to their areas, and we also just did some office work.  It was nice tho because we finished the day with a nice dinner appointment at the Badoo family home! They made us lasagna and chicken!! haha it was powerful! They lived in Atlanta for 3 years, so they know what thanksgiving is, so they invited us over to have a thanksgiving dinner.  it was really cool!

Saturday was our first full day of proselyting during the whole week..  It was ok.  Our plans got like changed 5 different times because of canceled appointments and other things... but it seemed to work out ok.  Right now we are struggling to find consistent investigators... we find someone, then the next week they disappear or some funny funny thing happens to them.  Its frustrating, but its manageable.  So really no investigators to report about, but we are still looking for more!

Sunday was also interesting... ha. We planned to have 2 confirmations for Kevin and Nifred (who were baptized 2 weeks ago and because of stake conference they had to wait to be confirmed.). But we only had one.... for Kevin. Which went really well! We had his father, Livingstone (who is also a convert of just over a year) do the confirmation.  He was really nervous he would not be able to do it right, but he did great!! was really happy for him! Unfortunately with Nifred the bishop in our ward forgot to do in in sacrament meeting.  We called him the night before, and told him twice in PEC meeting that we would have her confirmation the next day.  He said it was fine.  But when it came time to the confirmation in sacrament meeting.... he never announced it.  So afterward we went up to him and asked what was going on.  He said he forgot...... hahaha ummm ok.... anyways we all make mistakes.  We talked to Nifred about it afterwards and she said it was ok.  So next week with her!! She is doing great tho, no concerns about her.  

SO that was the jist of the week. 

But all is going well.  One cool thing this week was during our lesson after church with sister Nifred.  She said during the week, she got into an argument over something with her boss and it really made her feel bad.  But she said after that situation, she went somewhere quiet and started to read the scriptures.  She said it really helped her to feel better and remember what is really important.  She said that she was reading in 2 Nephi 4 and that chapter really helped her, especially vs 20-21 and 34.  Its all about trusting in the Lord and really putting him first.  If we all did that, all of the things that seem bad to us would not be so bad.  Putting God first, by living his gospel, is the only way we can find lasting peace and happiness.  Its the truth! I have definately seen that on my mission.  My mission has been the happiest time of my life because its been the first time for myself to be consistent in living and applying the Gospel of Jesus Christ to my life.   So if we are lacking peace or happiness in our life, its because we are thinking to much of ourselves, and not enough about the things that are really important, like the thing s of God.

Well that's all for this week.  Ninatumaini sana kwamba sisi sote tutaendelea kuishi injili ya Yesu Kristo na eldelea vizuri. Wiki njema!!!

Elder Thomas

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