Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Not to much of an exciting week, but it was still ok.  We have been trying to find more people lately, because our 2 main investigators were just baptized, so we are looking to add more people into our teaching pool.  So we have been trying to work with members lately, and have seen a lot of success with that! The members here are sooo amazing! they are always helping us out with giving us referrals and are always telling their friends about the gospel.  The members also love the missionaries so much! We are like famous in the Branch hahaha. They always want us to come over and visit, so we try our best to fit them in our schedule.  The members love to feed us as well! and so far everything that i have eaten has been pretty good! nothing weird so far....(I pray it stays like that hahah). Mostly pilau (spicy rice), potatoes, beef stew and chapati. 
Lately it seems like there have been a lot of crazy people around. I don't know if people are getting drunk because of elections or something, but a lot of weird stuff happens every once in a while. For example, we were out tracking and this guy stopped us. He told us not to go down a certain road that we were planning on going down. So we asked him why. He said because while he was in his house sleeping, he woke up and found a snake on top of him. He said the snake spit venom in his eyes, so he ran out of his house, and left the snake in there.... he said he was waiting for the snake to leave his house so he could go back inside. hahahahaha me and my comp were trying not to laugh it was just kind of a weird thing.
Glad to hear that everyone is doing well back home! Sounds like Emmy had a great party and lots of fun. Glad that Hailey was able to use me as an example in the talk! ha and tell her to keep doing track... And I'm glad Joe is staying busy with baseball! Tell him i saw some guy wearing an old school Dbacks hat and another guy wearing a Suns jersey! hahah
But we did not watch conference this week, we don't get to watch it until the 19 and 20th... hahah. But I'm really looking forward to it and am excited to hear from the prophet! So glad that we have a living prophet today who can lead and guide us. its sad to think that people think that God does not give modern day revelation... which is FALSE. He does!
Remember how much the restored gospel has blessed our lives, it truly does bring happiness to all of us. I'm grateful to get to share it with others!
I love the updates. Good to hear my letters got home! hope everyone enjoyed them. And i got the Easter letter, thanks! Love you all, have a great week
Elder Daniel Thomas

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