Monday, April 1, 2013

Ruth & Rose Baptized

Made it through my first transfer!
Haha but hello from Kenya! This week has been pretty good. It was great because our investigators Ruth and Rose got baptized! So happy for them. They have been receiving the lessons for a long time (like 6 months), so it was great to see them get baptized. I was lucky enough to get here just in time to teach them the last lessons and see them get baptized! They have great parents who are recent converts as well, who have really helped them in the church. They were baptized by Brother Lukoye from the branch. and at the baptism, i gave a talk about the need for baptism... and was given 3 minutes to prepare it! haha it was ok though, i just talked about Matthew 3:13-17 which talks about why we need to be baptized. it went well. But lets just say things in Africa aren't as organize as things are in the US. you just kind of have to go with whatever happens here.
But the rainy season has begun here in Kenya! hahah. It is cloudy everyday, and at night it rains so hard. Like a storm every night! haha its crazy. it usually rains from about 8 at night to about 7 in the morning, on and off. But during the day it only rains a little. But i love the rain and cloudy days, its my favorite weather! Nice days, usually around 70 degrees. There are some bad things about the rain though. First is the bugs. When it rains a lot, the bugs seem to come out, especially mosquito! ha at night i can hear them humming right next to my head, trying to get through my mosquito net. So that's really annoying haha. Second bad thing is the MUD. Can escape it! all the roads are dirt here, so the rain has just turned it into mud roads. haha but its no big deal it make things fun. Lastly, the rain causes the power to go out a lot. Not just for our apartment, but for the entire city! ha so that stinks, but its no big deal, we got gas cookers and flash-lights!
But the work is going well. We are trying to find more investigators, and the members are helping a lot. Seems like every Sunday we see someone new because the members are always inviting new friends. The members are awesome! they are always looking to help us and love the missionaries.
All is well with me.   I love you all. Remember how much the Savior loves you all. He died for us, but more importantly, he was raised from the dead and resurrected. He LIVES! And i know that because of this, we will all be resurrected, and have the opportunity to live again as a family for all eternity. And i am excited for that! love you all
Elder Daniel Thomas

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