Monday, November 11, 2013

9 months out!

So this week i don't have much time to write so ill just give some of the small details of the week!!
We are still working hard with our main investigator, James. He is doing really well, but still struggling with smoking a little bit, so we will move his baptismal date back a few weeks, which is ok.  There is no need to rush into baptizing him because we just want to make sure that he is truly converted and ready to be baptized. Unfortunately, some missionaries just rush into baptizing people, which is not always good because most people need time to become fully converted.  Even it took the prophet Brigham Young a full year until he was fully converted!! So we are just taking it one step at a time with him. But he has already reduced his smoking from 2-3 smokes a day to the past 3 days none at all!!! the Lord is truly helping him, but it is also according to his faith as well. But he is soo awesome and i love him kabisa!!
This week we also kind of got pushed around with a lot of our appointments... people have been busy lately with the rainy season coming so most people are busy preparing their shambas (fields) for the rain. So we will also be helping a lot of people this week with service, helping to cultivate and plow the fields hahah so it will be interesting for sure.
Also another weird thing as of late, i don't know what it is but i seem to be seeing more and more naked kids walking around.... and its not like they don't have clothes... they are just naked..... i don't know but it sure is interesting. The kids here have no shame!!! GO KENYA!
Also this week i reached my 9 month mark.... WOW. I can say it has been the fasted most jam packed 9 months of my life! its sooo crazy.
Today i got to go to the Tsavo National Park. It was sooo awesome!! We went with the senior missionaries and they drove us around the park, and i finally got to see Elephants, ostriches, and hippos!! it was cool seeing the animals in their natural habitats.  They are wayyyy bigger than you would expect them to be... especially the elephants. They just move all over the place breaking trees left and right!! hah but its cool. I LOVE GODS CREATIONS ESPECIALLY IN KENYA.!! But yeah it was super fun.  
But i know that we can all be missionaries. One thing that i have seen is that members are SOOO important in missionary work.  Full time missionaries can only do so much... and we are mostly foreigners to most people we meet. So members are sooo key to the work! every member a missionary!! D&C 18:10-16 read it and you will know.
But i love you all. Remember to do what is right and God will provide the rest!! 

Elder Thomas

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