Monday, November 25, 2013

Baptisms, Village meeting, and Miracles

So not much time this week to write because the power has been really bad because of the rain and stuff! but this week was soooo fast it was ridiculousness. 
First off me and elder Tebbs got invited to a village meeting... hahahha it was pretty interesting. At first we went to the branch presidents home to go on splits with some of the priests in the branch.... but non of them showed up. So while we were there were a lot of old people there and it was kind of weird.... but then they called us over to sit down and join them, so we were like ha ok sure.  Turned out they were having a village meeting and they wanted us to be apart of it! ha we didn't really do much because it was all in Kikamba so me and elder tebbs were just sitting their, but we did enjoy some tasty goat meat! ha they cooked everything in a huge pot, and they told us to eat as much as we could, and to also drink the juice from the stew.... lets just say it tasted very interesting.... but non the less we ate!!!!
So the big thing this week was the baptism of two of our investigators, James Mutisia and Carol Juma (a little 11 yr old girl we have been teaching for a while). It was so awesome and spiritual.  James was super happy the entire day and was super grateful for all we did to help him, so it was such a nice baptismal service it was awesome!! Although we had a close call when it came to filling up the baptismal font.  So we have to fill it up with a hose from outside because the facet inside doesn't work, so we had to start doing it like 5 hours before the service to make sure the font was filled enough.  But after some time i noticed that the water turned off... so i was like ohh no the water tanks are empty! and they just about were.... so we had to rush around and turn off all the water pipes and stuff to try to conserve enough water to get the water in the font. So i just said a quick prayer asking to get enough water to fill the font. So after a lot of running around we finally got the water flowing and the baptismal font filled! It was pretty crazy, but i know that God helped us to have the baptisms. But it was a great day full of simple miracles that will have huge effects in eternity! Especially for James, because he really wants to go to South Africa to be sealed with his family in the temple as soon as they can, so that's the goal for them now!! So it was a great day!!
Also got to go on exchanges this week to Nthongoni again to be with elder Turner, so that as fun. Lots of big crazy bugs in their area and flat hahaha it was cool though. Also got to plow a shamba (garden) with oxen, so that was fun to.
But love you all have a great week!! Enjoy seeing Ben!!
Elder Thomas

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