Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15, 2013

So this past week was pretty good!
I was able to go on exchanges with the district leader, elder Skidmore (Utah).  He has been on mission for 16 months and has been in Chyulu for the past 6, so he is like a veteran in this area.  So he was able to come into my area, and elder Dobard went to his area in Nthongoni.  So it was pretty crazy to be the on in charge of the area, just because I'm still getting used to it. But it was really good for me because in 3 weeks i will be the one leading this area, so it was a good opportunity for me.  So while i was with him, we got some good opportunities to meet with some of the less active people in Darajani.  This is something that is a big part of the missionary work here, is just going out to find the less active people here, because there are a ton of them. So we got to visit this guy named Paul, who has been less active for the past year. He has a problem coming to church for a lot of reasons, mainly because he is a piki piki driver and works mostly every day.  But he is a cool guy.  But while we were there, all of the little kids from that area saw us and all decided to come over and join us. And man did it get crazy! haha they thought it was amazing that two white guys here! haha they were climbing all over us and taking all of our stuff just going crazy! haha good thing though was that Paul thought that it was funny, but elder Skidmore did not think so... hahah i don't think he was to happy about it! but the kids here are just super crazy and just run around unsupervised.  But none the less we still had a good meeting with Paul. Later in the day we had a super awesome lesson with Cosmas, our main investigator right now (he is the one that i contacted my first day here).  So we got to talk with him about the Plan of Salvation.  He was super into the lesson and had great questions.  Its awesome to see how focused he is during our lessons and how much he takes to heart the teachings we  share with him.  So after the lesson, he started asking us a lot about baptism, something that we haven't even talked about with him yet.  He was interested about how we do it (because in Kenya there are many ways to baptize), so we shared Matthew 3:13-16 and talked about how it is by immersion the way Christ was baptized. So he really liked that. And then he asked when he could become a member!! ha i was soooooo excited to hear him say that!!! it was super awesome, so we hope to have him baptized sometime in early August.  He is truly someone who the Lord has prepared to hear and accept the gospel. I love him soooo much he is so POWERFUL! i just hope and pray that all goes well with him.
But it was also cool this week because we got to spend some time with the couples that are serving here, the Schwabs.  They have been serving in Chyulu for 2 YEARS. And they live the same way as us missionaries do here, so they are super legit people.  But we got to hang out with them at night and got to play UNO with them!! hahah i haven't played that game in forever and it was soo much fun to play with them.  They are awesome couples, and it will be sad to see them go next week.  We probably wont have anymore couple missionaries in this area for a long time which is sad.
P day was awesome today! we had a zone activity were we got to play sports and have CHICKEN ENCHILADAS!!!!!! First time I've had that in 5 months... but we got to play soccer(of course), basketball, and water volley ball.  Soccer was the best though, all of the little kids from around saw us and wanted to play, so they got to join in with us. And man they were freaking good! way better than me.... hahah.
But all is good with me. hope all is well back home! We will get to meet President and Sister Hicken, our new mission president, this week. so I'm excited for that.
But i love you all!!!
Elder Thomas

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