Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

so this past week was nice! Darajani is getting better! we had lots of less active people come to church, including one guy who i am pretty sure was drunk and also this midget guy! ha it was good to see them there at church. 
But this past week we were able to have a good lesson with Jack, our white investigator.  It was cool because we got to find out a little bit about him.  So he has lived in Kenya his whole life, but i think comes from British background (his grandfather came to Kenya to help build the big railroad tracks that goes through all of Kenya), he speaks perfect Swahili and kikamba. But we were able to start the Restoration with him.  He really enjoyed it and also talked a lot about how he enjoyed church and how he really enjoys how we carry out our services.  He has already told us that he would like to become a member, even though it takes him an hour to get to church, so we hope that he continues to have that desire and to feel of the spirit! Also met with Cosmas again this week, he is doing super great and has already started living the word of wisdom! he told us he had a problem with tea, but after we talked to him about it, he threw out all his tea and replaced it with drinking chocolate!! ha he is sooo great! hope to have his baptism on the 18 August.
Also this past week i finish the Book of Mormon!! Took me 4 months, but it was awesome to read through it. So much good stuff in there its almost unbelievable, except its not, because its the Book of Mormon, and its true, so yeah its believable!! I challenge all y'all at home to read it, and to pray about it. I really wish i would have read it a lot more before i came on mission, it is truly here to help us come closer to Christ, so READ IT!!!!! 3 Nephi is super awesome!
But Kenya is awesome as usual! This past week there was a lot of campaigning in our area for some position in Parliament here or something like that. People were going crazy!! hahah it was really funny to watch like 30 people hanging on to the side of a car shouting and playing loud kamba music trying to get people to vote for their candidate! haha lots of drunk crazy people running around, so that was interesting for sure!
But mission is great! this will be my last week with elder Dobard!! it has flown by, he goes home this week so i will have a new companion soon! ha elder Dobard was super crazy, but I'm going to miss him a lot. we had a lot of fun!
But i love you all, have a super week!
Elder Daniel Thomas

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