Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Hey all,
So this past week in Darajani has been pretty good.  I'm starting to get a lot more used to the area and also to the Chinese bikes we ride!! haha but its all good.
We are really working hard to strengthen the members in the branch. Unfortunately in the 2 branches that we cover, there is around 150 less active members. So we are going to try to see if we can find out where these people live and see whats up with them. But its kind of difficult to find where people because everything is so spaced out here and its almost impossible to get directions from anyone here.  They will tell us to go down the road and turn left at the big boabob (fruit) tree, or to go down the little pathway next to the dip in the road... hahah so we have to go with members mostly everywhere we go in order to find people.  But its a work in progress and we are doing are best to find these people.  We also have 3 investigators which is 3 more than we had before i got here! so I'm excited to work with these people. 
But whats really nice here is that the members (especially the kids) love the missionaries! hah the kids get all excited when they see us and like to run around us and make a lot of noise.  They especially like my watch and bike.  When I'm not looking they will take off with my bike and i will have to chase them down, or they will all grab my arm and try to rip my watch off!! haha its crazy but the kids are super kind and awesome.
Something funny that happens here a lot is that the old people, especially the mama's, like to "test me". So when most old people see me, they think that they can mess with me by greeting me in Kikamba, thinking that i wont know what to say. And for some weird reason they think that it is funny.  But little do they know is that i know how to greet people in Kikamba!!!!! so they will say to me "watcha" (a greeting for children) and ill say "ahhh" (the proper response). So this frustrates them, so they try a more difficult greeting "watine data" (greeting for older people) and ill say "nesa" (meaning good).... when i say this most people around them start to laugh and say "mzungu speaks Kikamba hahahahaaha". But these old mama's cant trip me up i know my Kikamba to well!!! hahah. and another cool thing about the greeting "watcha" is that when you say it to a younger kid, they HAVE TO  respond.  So when the little annoying kids who hang around are house start to act up and start messing with us i just say "watcha" and they have to respond, or else they get beaten... so that usually gets them to be quiet!!!! hahah its good.
But all is well here, i love Darajani and KENYA!!!!! Love you all
Elder Thomas Daniel

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