Monday, August 26, 2013

A big Day for Dan

I want to start off by saying HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL LITTLE SISTER HAILEY!!! ha i know its late but that's ok, its the thought that counts. hope it was a wonderful day! ha you can legally buy cigarettes now!!! yeah isn't that great!! haha jk.
But this past week was awesome!! we had a lot going on in our area.  So this past week we were really focusing on William and Cosmas, our 2 investigators to be baptized.  So we met with them a lot, just about everyday, and helped really prepare them for their baptisms.  And they were both sooo ready for baptism! Both of them have awesome testimonies, and its been cool to see them progress in the gospel and become happier by living it.  On Sunday they were both able to be baptized and it was great!! They both asked me to baptize them so that was pretty cool as well.  Cosmas was able to be baptized in Darajani 1, and William in Darajani 2, so we had to have 2 separate baptismal services, but it was good.  There were also 2 little 8 year old girls who were to be baptized as well. So we thought that their fathers or someone from the branch would baptize them, but when we got to church we found out that neither of their fathers were there. And when we asked their moms who would baptize them they said that they wanted me to... ha so i was like i think it would be good if their fathers did it, but when i said that they got all defensive and said no, you will do it! haha so yeah i also got to baptize 2 little girls, both of them being named Immaculate weird enough ha.  But the baptisms were soooo awesome! Cosmas was soo happy the entire day and was happy that he was able to be baptized. he said that its a day that he cannot forget! it was a awesome day to say the least! Happy for all of them, they will all be awesome members!
Also this week we got to go on exchanges, so i got to go to Mtito Andei again with elder dewitt. it was pretty good.  they have a super tough area though! ha so we just street contacted people the entire day, just trying to find investigators.
Cool thing! so me and elder dimingu were with one of the members of the branch and she was showing us where she stays.  So we were, to say the least out in the middle of the bush, walking along a dry river bed. Then all of the sudden she started to get really excited and started shouting "look elders look!" so i was like what the heck.... but when i looked to where she was pointing i saw a BUNCH of MONKEYS!!! ahahahh like 20 of them just running around the river bed!! ha it was really cool. but i guess a lot of people here see monkeys on a regular basis, so when i told people about it they didn't think much of it... hhaha but it was legit!!
But this past week has been great. we will now have to start trying to look for new investigators and continue to visit the many less actives here. but things are good and the work is good!! grateful for mission!!
Love you all,
 elder thomas

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