Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Daniel and Joseph are like twins separated by 8 years.  They look alike and act alike.  Joe has really missed Daniel.  Last week while attending our Riggs Reunion, Joe commented that one of my cousin's son reminded him of Daniel.  He said it with tears in his eyes.  I wrote to Dan and told him of the experience this was his reply:

Just tell joe that i REALLY love him a lot and i miss being with him and playing catch, going to barros, playing games with him, our hand shake, and making jokes together. Joe is sooo awesome i love that little guy! i miss you all but especially my main man, my go to hobbit, JOE !!!!
this one is for joe:
normal hi five, backward hi five, down knuckle bump, up knuckle bump, normal knuckle bump, explode, then come together for a formal handshake.  and a BIG SQUEEZE!! cheese please!!! hahhhahahh

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