Monday, August 19, 2013

Rumors about the church in Kenya

Ayyye! Really busy past week with a lot going on in Darajani!  Elder Dimingu and I have been working kabisa!
So this week we got the opportunity to go out with one our of branch presidents,Pres Siomon, so he could show us where some of the less active people stay. And it was awesome! It was just awesome to see President Siomon being soo involved in helping us missionaries. So we were able to work with him all of Tuesday which was awesome.  He helped us to find about 7 less active families homes, so we will try to work with these families this next week and see what happens with that.  But we still got a long ways to with the less actives here in Darajani, there are about 200 less active people in our area, which is more than double the size of the active members.... haha yeah. But one thing that really hurts the church here is all of the rumors!!!! oh my goodness people here say the dumbest things ever and people actually believe them! So here are some examples of rumors that people say about our church here:
   -we are the church of more money
   -we are the devil worshiper church
   -in our church, there is a huge pit that we throw new people into
   -to join the church, you have to sacrifice your first born
   -there are snakes in our baptismal font that bite you
   -if you go on a mission, it means that you have been eaten by members of the church
Oh my goodness if i only knew the people who started these rumors i would go Rocky Balboa on them sooo fast! its super annoying that people actually believe all these lies. But hey, there must be opposition in all things right??
But in other news things are still going well. We have been working a lot with Cosmas and William, our 2 investigators who will be baptized this Sunday! So excited for that!! They are both super powerful guys that have awesome spirits. It was cool because when we met with Cosmas this week, he told us of one of his friends tried to get him to stop coming to church and told him all sorts of rumors.  Cosmas said he told his friend that he had been to church and had seen what it was like and that he knew that it was a good and true church of God. He also told us that he doesn't have time for people telling him stuff like that... and i was like YEAH THAT'S RIGHT!!! haha he is awesome! Also we had another great lesson with Jack, our white investigator. He brought one of his friends this week which was great. ha he told us about how much he treasures the Book of Mormon we gave him.  He told us that before he touches it, he washes his hand and then wraps it up in nice cloth so it doesn't get damaged, and he doesn't let anyone else touch it because he does not want anything bad to happen to it...  he is awesome! Another funny thing is that when Jack's friend saw me next to Jack, he thought that I was Jack's grandson................. hahahahahaha oh my goodness i look nothing like him!!!!! ha he just thought that because we were both white.... but yeah people think that all white people look the same here hahah.
 this week I got to see Elder Diodati again! He is now serving in one of the areas here in my district, so it was awesome to see him again. Ha we got to talk for a long time about Rongai and just other good stuff.  Also this week i got a new bike! I was so happy because my old bike didn't have working brakes on it... so i just had to use my foot to stop it. But yeah I'm happy to have a brand new awesome Chinese made bike! Now i can travel in style and safety!
Other than that things are going good.  Had a great time at the Mormon Helping Hand on Saturday! we got to put up a "fence" at a local primary school, which was fun.  But things are good for me, mission is great!! LOVE YOU ALL!
Elder Thomas

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