Sunday, December 22, 2013

3rd Transfer - Mautuma

Famalia yangu,
Well this was a very interesting and unexpected week for a lot of
reasons.... haha ya!
So this week we got transfer news. I had just finished training so i thought
there was a pretty good chance that i could get transferred. But to be
honest i really wanted to stay and be in Chyulu longer. But that was
not the case. So actually right now I am in Western Kenya... in
MAUTUMA. Its another really bushy far out there area close to Kitale.
It was crazy because i really wanted to stay in Chyulu, but the Lord
needs me else where now. So i only got one day to say goodbyes to
people in Darajani, so i was able to see the people who i really
loved. It was sad to say goodbye, and i really hope one day to go back
to Chyulu.
So on Wednesday it was my birthday! haha so the Couple missionaries,
the gotchers, made me a cake!! and it had 6 candles on it.... not sure
why 6 but its ok! it was really nice and we also had the rest of the
zone there and we are all like super goood friends so it was really
cool.  The Chyulu zone was like the best zone i have been with on my
mission... we all loved each other and had a lot of fun together. It
was really sad to all go our separate ways.

So after that i took a 5 hour bus ride from Chyulu to Nairobi. Then we
got to stay a day in Nairobi, and then took a 7 hour bus ride to
Kitale, and then a 2 hour ride to Mautuma! Ya so Mautuma is awesome.
Its very green, jungle-tastic, and rainy.  Its another really bushy
place but its cool.  The branch is awesome, they really love the
missionaries. But a funny thing that happened at church. so in the
middle of the church is like a little court yard thing. so we were
waiting for the sunday schoool class to end in the sacrament meeting
room, when we see this little kid come waltzin out of the room. he
takes one step out of the room, pulls down his trousers and  starts
peeing all over the courtyard. It was very interesting for sure. i was
kind of in shock at first... but then again i have seen that so much
here now it wasn't really that big of a deal. It was super funny though
and the kid just walked back into the church like nothing happened
hahh.  but the kid had no shame.

Another cool thing about Mautuma is that they speak a lot of Swahili,
so that is really nice so i will be able to learn it faster now! But i
am really excited to be in Mautuma now and it seems like a sweet area.
But yeah hope that all is well back home and that things are good!! I
had a good birthday and its crazy that i am 20 now... wow! haha but
love you all.

Elder Thomas

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