Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

Hope that everybody had a wonderful CHRISTMAS!! I really enjoyed calling home and talking to you all!!
So this week was really a lot of fun. Right after DDM on Tuesday, our entire zone got on a Kangaroo (taxi car thing) and took off to Eldoret to spend Christmas day there.  We went there because here in our zone we don't have couple missionaries... and the closest ones are in Eldoret, about 1 1/2 hours away. But it was awesome! We were able to have a Christmas Eve battle royal.... Kitale Zone vs. Eldoret Zone in a friendly game of soccer.... and lets just say that our zone DOMINATED. Ha but it was a lot of fun. After that we went out to a really nice pizza place (and yes it actually was really nice) and got pizzas. I wanted to get Chinese food as a part of our Thomas family tradition, but Chinese cuisine is not so big in Africa haha.  So that was a lot of fun, and even at the end as we were about to leave, the owner of the Restaurant, who was a Muslim, came up to us and was like hey can you guys sing the Christmas song for us??  so all of us Elders started singing we wish you a merry Christmas in the Restaurant!!  it was pretty funny, but the owner was really nice and then brought us out a free Christmas cake and then asked us if we could say a prayer. It was really cool, and i liked how the guy really respected our religion. Then Christmas day was really cool, we had a awesome Lunch at the Couples home, the Andersons. They made it really nice and the food was awesome. Tasted like American food!! haha. But the highlight was calling home!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!
As the work goes, we found an awesome investigator this week! His name is Titus and he is about 22 years old. His father has been a member of the church for about 1 yr, but was baptized in Naivasha by himself. So when he came back to Mautuma, his son became really interested in the Church. He has already said that he wants to be baptized and that he enjoys coming to church. And what's even better is that he really participates a lot at church. Not only asking questions, but also answering them!! Some members would ask questions, and then he would answer them, and i was like oh my goodness... that's kind of scary... hahah but he is awesome and i am really looking forward to teaching him and helping him come unto Christ. 
Also this week, we were able to watch the Video "Hastening the Work of Salvation", and had to do a 2 hour presentation at church about it. President Hicken is really  trying to get members more involved with the missionary work here, so all branches thought Kenya watched this video with the missionaries leading the discussion about it.  Me and Elder Griffiths had to improvise a little bit because our branch president had the dvd, and when we got it from him it was all scratched up, and only half of the dvd played.... haha so we just had to roll with it! But it turned out to be pretty successful, and we hope that it will motivate the members to be more proactive in helping with the missionary work.  Because it is our duty and responsibility as members of the church to help others come unto Christ and the Restored Gospel, and missionary work is how we do it!
But i hope that every one has a great new years night/ day!! Don't do anything stupid... like shooting your eye out. Maybe that's not funny because its not Christmas anymore but any who i love you all!! Keep doing what is right and be that light to others!! CTR
Elder Thomas

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