Monday, December 30, 2013

December 23, 2013

This week was a great week in Mautuma!
So i am still adjusting to things here in Mautuma. Like for one thing the weather. To be honest i don't like it that much... its cold... hahah. Darajani was really hot and sunny so it reminded me of home, but Mautuma is like pretty high altitude and cold and i don't know what else. But other than that i love the area! haha. This area actually reminds me a little bit about Pindale... a little bit. But its cool. The members here are really awesome and love missionaries! We get fed about 2-3 times a day... and i mean FED! People love to stack food for us its pretty nice. and yes mom the Food is safe, good, and i have not got sick yet.  But what is also cool is that the members really really love helping us do missionary work. We have had a ton of referrals and member present lessons here which is really nice and something that didn't really happen in my other areas.  But i am already super excited to work here!
So my new comp is elder Griffiths, from Centerville UT. He has been out for 3 months now so its cool and i really like him a lot. 
We had a lot of awesome lessons this week. One of them was with an investigator named Evance.  He is a 30 or so yr old guy who has a family with 3 kids.  So we went to visit with him and kind of follow up with the Restoration. So he was really interested in the Priesthood, which is awesome because that is something that really sets our church apart from others. he began to tell us how he is really big into his church, and how he wanted to go and have his children be baptized there. So when last Sunday came around, his wife was like hey lets go to church so our kids can be baptised. He turned to her and said, I don't think we should have them baptized.... our church doesn't have authority. I was like YESSSSSSSS! HE UNDERSTANDS!!  it was really awesome and turned out to be a great lesson and super spiritual.  Really glad that we have the authority and power to truly act in the name of God.
But I am so grateful for the Christmas time that we have. I truly know that Christ is our Saviour and Redeemer.  I know that only though him we can receive grace and mercy to be forgiven of our sins, as long as we have faith in him and repent always. I love Christ and hope that we can all have him in our thoughts always, not only just at Christmas time. But what a wonderful time of the year!!!!
I love you all and look forward to calling you all on WEDNESDAY!!!!!!
Elder Thomas

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