Monday, February 3, 2014

1 year mark this Week!

Famalia na marafiki,
Things are starting to pick up a little bit more out here in mautuma!
This week was pretty good as far as the work goes. We have really been pushing to get members involved as much as possible in the work, and have seen so many blessings come from it.  Members are awesome when it comes to teaching, especially in Kenya for a few reasons. One is obviously language.  I'm still really working on my Kiswahili, but only know a little bit, just enough to get by on the streets.  But members really help with teaching and clarifying in both kiswahili and luya.  Its also great to have members be able to bear testimony and really help people see that our teachings are relevant for all people.  Especially this week, we had a lesson with one of our new investigators, Donald, and he brought Brother Songa from the branch to help teach with us.  We were teaching about baptism, because we wanted to extend a baptismal commitment to him.  But the lesson was not really going as well as we wanted it to, Donald was really big into his church and did not see how our church was right for him or how it would help him at all.  So towards the end of the lesson we asked Brother Songa how being baptized in the church has blessed his life, and he was able to share his conversion story with us.  He used to be a high priest in his former church, AIC (african inland church), which is a really big status in that church.  But he shared that as he learned from the missionaries and especially read the Book Of Mormon, He came to see that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latte Day Saints was God's true church.  So he knew that leaving his church was the right thing to do, and to be baptized as a member of our church was what God wanted and needed him to do, and even though many trials and difficulties followed him after that, he has never regretted his decision.  It was powerful and totally brought the spirit in!! Even though Donald did not accept the baptismal date on that day, i knew that he felt the spirit and that it really touched him.  It also showed me how members are so essential in the work!! SO HELP THE MISSIONARIES!!
Also this week we were able to start up our Scripture study class in the branch! Every Friday at 2 pm everyone is very welcome to come!!!  but it was a really good start to the class.  We invited all members to come and to bring any friends that they had that might be interested.  We thought that this would be a great way to find new investigators and also help the branch read the Book of Mormon more and gain a testimony of its truthfulness as well. So me and my comp teach the class and read over a chapter or 2 from the Book of Mormon and discuss what is happening and being taught. And We had a pretty good attendance of 8 members and one new investigator!! So it seems to be starting off well and we hope that it will continue to be successful as we continue on.  Also had a good priesthood activity this week, where we had 4 investigators in attendance!! So that was really exciting to see investigators coming out to these activities and enjoying them while also learning more about the restored gospel.  Even a lot of our investigators really participate in church.... especially Priesthood meeting haha.  It was funny because our investigator Titus, helped clear up a question in priesthood class... about temples... something we have not even taught him about yet.  But ya it was pretty awesome, he is an awesome guy and is really progressing well!!
Interesting things happened in church Sunday! On the spiritual note, we had 9 investigators come to church which was sooo awesome!! I was really happy about that because the past few weeks have been really tough with investigators coming to church, having a really low turn out. But this week was awesome and it was such a great blessing a feeling seeing all of them come to church to be there to feel of the spirit and participating in the classes.  So that was the spiritual awesomeness. In other interesting news, we had a little 3 year old girl pee in the middle of the church courtyard in between classes.... ya i was in disbelief. At first i thought she was just squatting doing wall sits or something, but upon closer inspection nope.... nope she was peeing. Just on the ground no big.  Also me and my companion taught young women's class..... we were in our Gospel principles class with a few of our investigators, when all the sudden ALL of the young women in the branch come into our room and just stack up in there.  I really wasn't to happy about it because the teacher didn't prepare a lesson so she just told them to come into our class.   Also we had a member in testimony meeting share more of a story about how he saw some kid get beat up by the police, wasn't sure where the gospel connection tied into the story but he did get very animated and even came part way into the congregation while bearing his testimony/ telling the story.  I was trying not to laugh but it w3as pretty funny hahahah.  But hey another interesting and spiritual Sunday in MAUTUMA!!
But i come up on my year mark Friday, pretty crazy.  Its been one of the best years of my life, and i have learned so much that i never would have learned if i had not come on a mission.  Going on a mission is one of the greatest blessings that i have received in my life. And i really look forward to this next year to see what's in store!!!!!
But i love you all!! Have a great week and look to become better everyday!
Elder Thomas
Also i got to go to mount Elgon National park this week! It was awesome!!

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