Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 27, 2014

Jan 27 at 5:20 AM
So sorry i don't have a lot of time to write, power has gone out 4
times today and its not so reliable at the moment so ya!
This week was really awesome, we got a lot of help from branch members
with doing the work. Almost all of our lessons had a member present
and it was awesome.  That is one thing that pres Hicken  really is
pushing for is getting more member present lessons, so we are doing
our best to follow his counsel.  We also got to go on splits with
some of the priesthood holders in the branch, so i got to go with a
prospective missionary, Evans. He has been a member for 6 months and
already wants to get out on his mission! I told him that you have to
be a member for a least one year before you go out and he was like
oh... hahah he was all sad and stuff after that ha but he is awesome!
It was kind of funny though, because while i was with him we went out
tracking, and we pulled up to this super old mamas house. She knew
zero English, so i just had Evans translate for me. So he started
talking to her for a while just getting to know her. So after a
minute or so of talking he turns to me, dead strait face, and says
"hey guys what? this is my moms sister...." i was like "umm your
aunt?" he was like "yeah i guess so..." ohhh my goodness he didn't even
know his own aunt and she didn't know him!!!  hahah it was funny and
weird and cool at the same time i guess. She also had a Brittney
Spears poster in her house so that was cool, really spiced up the
atmosphere of the home! But it was cool going on splits with Evans and
we really got a lot done.
Also this week we got to do service for a less active member, and got
to cultivate and dig in her shamba.  It was cool because got to talk
to her son who is also less active for while while we worked with him.
It was cool to work for them because they had been going through some
serious problems for a while, like the mom fractured her leg and
doesn't have sufficient money to get it properly fixed, so they were
really grateful for us coming to visit them and help them out. It was
a really cool experience.
Also established 2 bapt dates with Titus and Caroline this week! It
was cool because i got to do both of them with Evans, so he got to see
how to give a bapt date question. So I'm excited for that! We will cont
to work with them and help them prepare for a day in March.  But they
are really awesome and the Lord has blessed us with these awesome
people to teach.
But I'm glad that Joe is a deacon now!!! Ya pass that sacrament Joe!!!
Ha but really that's awesome Joe, another priesthood holder in the
family and a future missionary in the making!

Love you all have a great week!!!!

Elder Thomas

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