Monday, June 16, 2014

June 9, 2014

Powerful week! Really starting to see some of the fruits of our labors!
Had a really...really interesting day on Wednesday. So our branch president in Kitale, President Kwendo, wanted to start going with us every Wednesday to go out an visit less active members in the branch.  Of course we were all game and excited for that. BUT! This past Wednesday, he did not tell us where we were going. He said "ya there are a few people i want us to go see, it ONLY takes 1 hour to get there." So we thought well ya that's kind of far, but hey if its where he wants us to go to help someone out so be it! Unfortunately, me and elder Dick forgot where we were.... in Africa more importantly Kenya! So if someone tells you and amount of time, you need to multiply it by about 5 and then you have the real answer haha!  Lets just say we ended up biking 40 MILES that day.  No joke! We went all the way out to a place called Moi's Bridge, which is super far almost the half way point to Eldoret.  Then we went all over into the bush area trying to find where this family lived.  It actually ended up being a great day, but super super tiresome!! Even one of the people we saw came to church! Victory! Also while  we were biking, some crazy guy started chasing after us full speed like foaming at the mouth. I'm not sure what he was going to do if he caught up to us, but hey nothing bad happened so I'm pretty sure its ok.  That's why we have the word of wisdom ;)
Thursday we got to go on splits in Sikhendu, so I got to go and work with a member named Sammy Simiyu.  He is 21 yrs old and is preparing to serve a mission.  He was really powerful! he was really helping out with teaching and talking with people.  Especially because as we were out working, a few of our appointments got bounced, so we had to start tracting.  And i don't know what it was but no one that we talked to knew English, at all! And my Swahili aint good enough to teach, so Sammy just did all the talking. Ya! That's how missionary work is supposed to be done. By members! Even we found some new investigators from it, who were super interested in the Book of Mormon! They were from Tanzania so that was cool i guess ha. 
Friday it rained super hard, but did street boarding anyhow.  Contacted 200 plus people in 2 hours, so that was great.  Our branch president and mission leader help a lot with it! They do half the contacting and teaching as well! Again, members doing the missionary work.

Saturday and Sunday were probably the best two days of the week! Super awesome!! It was just cool to see some of the people who we were visiting really start to progress and change.  In Sikhendu, there are 2 less active people that we have really been visiting and focusing on, one is Joseph Barasa and the other is Arnet.  Both have been less active for a long time, but recently have been really changing! We caught Joseph reading his book of Mormon in his shop while he was working, and Arnet was inviting friends over for us to teach!! It was super powerful! And its been really cool to see how much happier both of them are, just by living the gospel.  Then in Kitale on Sunday, had a powerful lesson with Walter.  Its been a while since we have been able to meet him (he lost his phone), but he came to church and we taught him there.  We reviewed the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. He went on to tell us how he reads the Book of Mormon everyday and has already prayed about it and received an answer from the Holy Ghost that it is true! YAAA!! Victory again.  He is really really one who the Lord has prepared.  He has been looking for the church for 3 years, and said that he is super grateful that he has finally found it.  Things are really starting to look up in our area now. 
Great week.  I love missionary work.  Although sometimes it is not easy or enjoyable, more than not it is super great!  Grateful for all the Lord has blessed me with, especially this opportunity to serve him and to have a knowledge of this restored gospel. 
Love you all.  HAPPY EARLY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!!!! Your the best!
Elder Thomas

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