Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 19, 2014

Habari zenu,
Not a bad week. A lot of good things are starting to happen in our area which is great!
But really this week was all about less active members.  We dominated seeing all the less actives that we could. They have been more of our focus lately just because of the way that things are going with investigators for us.  But i really enjoy visiting less active members, not because they are less active, but because most of them are awesome people.  And its super crazy because every week we find out where more and more less active members stay. Just randomly we will find a less active member and ask the branch president about that person and he will say, "oh yeah that guy glad you guys found them again." hahaha crazy how many less active members are in Kenya, even Africa. Out of all the members in the Africa Southeast area, only 36% percent are active. So we got a work to do out here!
Also we have been seeing some of the blessings that have been coming out of our fast to find new investigators. Had a super powerful lady show up to church. Never saw her before, so i just thought she was a less active members. She was even giving awesome input in Sunday School, quoting scriptures, so for sure i though ya she is a member. BUT! After church we saw her sitting around so we went up and talked to her for a little bit to find out who she was.  Turns out she is not a member! Gosh nobody wanted to tell us that tho ha.  So we got her phone number and scheduled a return appointment. He name is Josephine, and she was almost baptized like 3 years ago, but had to travel and go to school somewhere so she wasn't able to be. But now she is back and said that she is ready to be baptized! yes!!!!!!
Still planning on having 3 Baptisms soon in Sikhendu for Emmanuel, FLora, and Mercy.  We will have to postpone Maricle for some time but its all good.  Kitale, we are hoping to have a Baptism for Walter sometime in June, and he i doing super great. Brought his kid to church which was great (he lives pretty far from the church so its difficult to get fare to come to church with the whole family). But it was great seeing him bring his son with him. 
Other than that just another week in Kitale.  Loving the work and really know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ.  Came across D&C 123:12-14 and thought that it was really powerful. Its the truth! I like how it says that we should waste and wear out our lives to bring the light unto those things that are in darkness. 
But i love you all! Glad to hear that Prom was good for Hailey and that Joe is hitting home runs and that Emmy does not have a boyfriend. YA!
Elder Thomas

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