Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 26, 2014

Great week for sure out in Kitale.  But actually only spent 3 days in Kitale the whole week.

This week we had a mission tour with Elder Carl B. Cook of the seventy.  So on Tuesday we went up to Eldoret.  We got to play soccer that day and once again Kitale zone dominated Kisumu and Eldoret zone.  So we spent the night in Eldoret, and none of us had mosquito nets so we all got destroyed by mosquitoes.  Probably the worst night of sleep ever hahaha i don't know what was going on but i swear the flat we were staying in had like a mosquito nest in there or something!!  just kidding but really, so many mosquitoes.  Good thing i take my malaria pills ha.

But on Wednesday we had the conference, and it was powerful kabisa! President Hicken and Elder Cook were there, so we had the all star line up.  We first had a zone leaders meeting before the conference, just about being obedient leaders and also just doing better with dealing with problems and issues that arise in our zones rather than just relying on the mission president to handle them.  So it was really cool.  

The conference was awesome.  A lot of it was based on a talk by Elder Bednar "Converted unto the Lord." Powerful talk, i would recommend everyone to look it up and read through it. He likened a lot of it to how the gospel of Jesus Christ works, how each step leads to the other.  But more importantly about enduring to the end.  Just a lot about how there are a ton of less active members, and that we as missionaries need to do our best to fully convert people.  The talk by Elder Bednar talks a lot about the difference of testimony and conversion.  How testimony is a starting point, not the finish.  Anyone who has a testimony can fall away and be deceived.  But those who are converted are always ready and can overcome anything.  Even Elder Cook talked a lot about how we as missionaries should be progressing missionaries, always improving, and not settling for where we are now.  At the end, we did some role plays of teaching and got assigned some random companions. So we had only 5 minutes to prepare, and i was with a new missionary elder Mwashi.  So when it was time to teach, we had to teach Elder Cook.....   It was cool teaching a general authority! He even came up to me after the conference and told me that he could tell that i knew what i was doing. YA! Great day tho, super spiritual.  

We did get some work done tho! Thursday we were in Sikhendu, and we have finished all the discussions with Emmanuel and have been able to review the restoration with him.  So we will be having his bapt this week!!!! So excited for him.
Things are still kind of slow in Kitale, but we are getting there. We are getting more help from members.  Like when we did street boarding/ contacting activity, we had Bro Cosmas (who i knew in Rongai) help us out.  He is also a return missionary.  He was amazing us for sure, he was talking to everyone, and even chasing people down talking to them! haha all of us were working hard, but really cool to see that kind of enthusiasm out of a member! Great example to me.  

So we worked for 2 days, then went back to Eldoret on Saturday....  There was a special conference there for the Eldoret district, about families, and they wanted the missionaries to come.  Elder Mkabela from the area seventy was there and presided.  Cool conference about overcoming local cultural beliefs to conform to the gospel culture.  Pretty cool.  BUT. The entire time i was sick.  And i didn't get sick from any bugs or nothing like that, but it was because all of us missionaries wanted to "treat" ourselves to some good food.  So we got PIZZA! oh my goodness.  it had to much flavor and cheese.  It destroyed my stomach.  hahahaaahaha I'm going back to food with no flavor.
On Sunday, we were in Langas branch in Eldoret, to have interviews with Pres. Hicken.  He is super! I love him a lot and he really is trying to help us a ton to be the best missionaries and men we can be.  

But a fun week!!! I'm really loving my mission.  Even tho it can be super difficult and frustrating, things just always seem to turn out right.  I can really see the Lord blessing me for just trying my best.  We are so blessed to have a full understanding of the Gospel and especially about God's plan for us. 

 I LOVE YOU ALL! Congrats to all those lil ones who are steppin up in school!! Especially Hailey so happy for you!!!!!

Elder Thomas

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