Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 11, 2014

Another nice week out here in Kitale.And it FLEW by!
On Tuesday and Wednesday, we were able to see a lot of less actives.  And by a lot i actually mean a ton! We were all over Kitale visiting less active members left and right.  This is something that our Branch President, Pres Kwendo, has really asked us to do.  So we are following his instruction! But getting less active members back to activity is always a struggle.  Most of them usually have a pretty big problem that keeps them from coming, or they just don't have a testimony at all, which is sad.  Nevertheless we still do our best to help them.  One family that we are really working with is the Muricho's.  They have about 4 older kids who live around them, all of which are members but have not coming to church for the past 3-4 years.  They have some major difficulties, from money struggles to really poor health.  But we have been visiting them weekly for the past 4 months or so with no real signs of progress. BUT! Out of nowhere these past two weeks they have came to church! Even last week, Paul (the father) got up for fast/testimony meeting to bear his testimony.  He even gave us a little shout out saying how grateful he was that we have been visiting him and showing him that we care about him and his family.  So that was really cool.  But even this week we had 9 less active members come to church!!!! ohhhh yeah!! Finally starting to see some of these people come back around to activity.  Its cool seeing them come to church, but what's better to know is that every step they take in the right direction leads them closer to Christ. 
Thursday and Friday we went down to Eldoret for zone conference! On Thursday we drove down there and were able to play soccer for a little bit with the other elders there.  It was a lot of fun.  I love soccer!! Its one of my new favorite sports.  I'm like Messi these days always puttin the ball in the back of the net.  Hahah just kidding.
But the Zone Conference on Friday was awesome.  One of the main things that President Hicken really focused on was the need for us to teach with power and authority.  He talked about 3 main things that missionaries all over the world struggle with: 1) Companionship study. 2) Planning 3) teaching with power and authority.  So he talked a lot about some things that keep us from teaching with power and authority and the ways that we can improve on it.  The biggest thing he said was that we have to be personally worthy and obedient to the commandments and mission rules.  Its was really nice and i learned a lot, especially on things i could improve on.  But I love president Hicken! He is awesome and is really trying his best to help us to become not only the best missionaries we can be, but also the best men that we can be. 
Saturday we were in Sikhendu.  And we got POURED on!!! It was raining sooo hard it was ridiculous. We were soaked to the bone.  But the more you get rained on the better lookin you wife gets.... and that doctrine is found in D&C 139.  I hope all of you look that up.  haha.  But we are still visiting a lot of less active members in Sikhendu.  Still only have one investigator that side, but we got a referral last week,  this guy named Fanwell, and he has came to church 2 weeks in a row! We have only been able to meet with him once.  The problem is that he lives 2 and a half hours away walk from the church.....  so he stays far.  But hopefully he will continue to progress. 
Other than that things are great.  Odwor and Sister Jane are still progressing really well! We hope sometime in Sept. they will get baptized. We are really focusing on those two. 
But glad to hear that Emmy and Joe are steppin up into new schools!!! A new sabercat and toro in the thomas family.... hahha.  Nawapendeni wote!! Wiki njema  mpaka wakati mwingine. kwahereni!!
Elder Thomas
PS i got the package with the protein bars from Bernie.... thanks!!

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