Monday, August 18, 2014

Lighting Strikes!

First off.....   HAPPY BDAY HAILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19 years of greatness.
This past week went by super fast, and was super busy!!
One Tuesday, I was able to go on exchanges back to Mautuma with elder Eveson.  It brought back sooo many memories! The 15 km bike ride on a muddy road, the flat, the members, and just sooo many things! It was cool because while we were there, i was able to see some of the awesome members like the Busolo family, Kisamba family, Bro Kabasi, Sister Jane's family, and Brother Christopher.  Just a ton of people! And especially Pres Edward Opiayo!! He is my favorite person there.  But wow, Mautuma branch is on fire these days! Since i have left, they have had over 20 convert baptisms. 
And while there, i had to chance to teach some great lessons with some of the investigators there.  One of which is super super powerful!!! His name is Francis, and he was a refferal from Sister Jane.  When we met with him, we just followed up on the Book of Mormon and answered questions.  We were also able to talk to him a little bit and see about his background and WOW! let me tell you.  He started off as a normal guy here, addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Had a desire one day to stop, so he started going to a local church.  Then he decided to become a pastor for a church and had a healthy sized congregation.  THEN! He got thinking about some of the things he was teaching, and saw that there were some things missing from what he was teaching.  So he didn't feel it was right for him to be a pastor anymore.  So he quit and didn't go to church for 4 months, and during this time he said that he prayed everyday that God would lead him to the truth.  Then one day a member, sister Jane, invited him to church, he came, and said he finally found it!!!!! ohhhh yaaaa!!! It was such a cool thing to hear about.  Its awesome to see the Lord preparing his people in a variety of ways!!! awesome lesson, and a great time in Mautuma!

On friday, Elder Dick and I had a great after baptism lesson at Brother Walters home about the plan of salvation.  While there, we were sitting outside for a while waiting for Walter to arrive. But then, as usual, it started raining super hard! so we went inside his home and waited for him.  while waiting there, out of nowhere, lightning struck!! Right in the same location that where we were sitting outside, just minutes before!! it was crazy and super scary.  Elder Dick and I were in shock.  Even! In Walters home, they dont have electricity, just a little solar panel light thing.  After the lightning struck, it turned on.  And we tried to turn it off, but it just stayed on.... to much electricity in the air!! hahah crazy. 
Saturday was Mormon Helping Hands in Kitale! Sooo much fun!! We did a service activity at an orphanage called Great Mercy.  It needed a lot of work  done, so we washed clothes/blankets by hand, dug some trenches, leveled a field, swept and mopped, and just some other little things.  I helped out a lot with the washing of blankets! I was out there in the trenches with the mamas slaving over those blankets, makin sure they were spick and spam.  I learned some awesome hand washing tricks that im going to apply to my own clothes! It was a ton of fun, and the people at the orphanage really appreciated and loved our efforts!! GO SERVICE!
Sunday we were in Sikhendu for church.  Not to much interesting but!  Fast fact.  In Sikhendu, it is primarily the Bukusu tribe that lives there.  So, they have a very strong tradition, that happens every other year, and its a huge event! In order to become a man, you have to be circumcised.  So they make a big deal about it and paint up the kids getting circumcised and have a parade thing around the village, getting everybody all fired up for it! Its interesting, and if i get invited to one i might have to decline.  ALSO! I thing August is national get drunk everyday month. Every single person we contacted on Sunday was drunk out of their minds.  Its really sad to see people like that,  but hey thats why we have the gospel and repentance.  And the word of wisdom.

But other than that things are going great!!! Odwor is still going strong, even came to the Mormon Helping Hands and was working super hard.  I love being out here in Kitale and serving the Lord.  Transfer news tonight... so not sure but i think that either Elder Dick or I will get transferred.  Not sure who tho! hahah but love you alll!!!
Elder Thomas

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