Monday, August 4, 2014

July 28, 2014

Soooo, another nice week out here in Kitale. 
Beginning of the week, we went on exchanges with the Misikhu elders, so elder Mwashi came out to Kitale to be with me.  A really great exchange!  On Tuesday, we were able to set two baptismal dates!! One of which was with Jane Osimbo and also another guy named Preston.  But Jane is really showing a lot of potential and progression.  She already loves coming to church, and the members are doing a great job of fellowshipping her.  We were able to teach her about the restoration this week, and it was a super great lesson. 
Wednesday was pretty cool.  First, something pretty crazy. As me and Elder Mwashi were walking down the road, we saw the couple missionaries and started talking to them.  As we were talking, all the sudden, this old mzee walks by and Elder Mwashi starts talking to him.  I thought that he was just contacting him, but then i noticed that they weren't speaking Swahili but a tribal language, so i was like what's going on here.  After about 2 minutes or so, elder Mwashi turns to me and says "ohh my goodness, Elder Thomas this is my GRANDFATHER!" ( he actually met great-uncle, but they consider them to be the same in Kenya).  Hahaha! it was pretty cool, elder Mwashi was super excited to see him and they got to talk for a few minutes.  Small world.
After that, we met up with our branch president, President Kwendo, to go visit some people in this area called Mitume. Had some super great lessons. One of which was with this guy called Odwor, who we contacted 2 weeks ago.  He has a really cool story.  In 2003, Odwor was living in Nairobi in Kayole.  While there, he was walking around one day, when he walked by a church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He got really interested and wanted to go inside and learn more, but the gate was locked, so he was not able to.  Since then, 11 years have passed and he has not seen the church since then.  But when we contacted him, he was super super happy and excited to see us.  He told us his story and how he really wants to become a member.  He has come the past two weeks in a row, and is SUPER DEDICATED.  He rides his bike for 2 hours plus just to get to church..... no joke.  He is a baller!! We also set a bapt date with him for September, so looking forward to that!!
The rest of the week was a little tough. Thursday, Friday, and Sunday it rained , and by rain i mean we got dumped on haha.  It was really crazy how much it rained.  I had to pull out my gum boots to proselyte.  It was mud-metropolis her in kitale. Even on Sunday, we went to go visit some recent converts. The whole day it had been raining pretty hard, but didnt think much of it.  As we were approaching arriving to their home, both me and elder Dick were walking with our heads down (focusing on not slippin in the mud), when all the sudden some mamas start hollerin at us, saying "wazungu! where are you going??" I look up and say "just there", and as i looked up i realized why they asked.  Where there used to be once a nice path, was a 50 foot wide river.... impassable.... hahah! it was pretty crazy, and unfortunate because we walked for 1 and a half hours to get there. But its all good! pretty funny tho.
Other than that things are not bad.  Elder Dick and I are still trying to help our investigators to progress, and also visit with the less active members. Time is flying by tho... haha days are just gone like nothing and the months keep coming and going .  But I'm really loving this time.  Especially the spirit that is felt and the things that i am getting the privilege and opportunity to learn.  One scripture that i read this week that really meant a lot to me is Helaman 3:27-29, and 35.  Just that God really does love us all, and wants us to return back to his presence. But its upon us to "lay hold upon the word of God" do those things that lead us back to His presence.  What's more important than knowing the gospel, is living it.  Just something that meant a lot to me.
Congrats Benny boy for puttin a ring on it!   Hahah pretty crazy stuff ehh?? ha but love you alll!!!
Elder Thomas

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