Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014

Another week down in the books. As usual it was nice!

Tuesday was pretty rough... couldn't find anyone to meet with and we got bounced a lot.  But we were blessed with a few good lessons and we also got time to go visit Bishop Alumonde at his home.  We were able to discuss a few things about the work, and we also got to know him better and hear his pretty cool conversion story.  He is a really funny guy, and in a way, he reminds me of an African version of Bop.  So that was nice.  

Wednesday and Thursday were similar, a few good appointments but a lot of bounced appointments.  

One cool thing on Thursday tho is that Pres Hicken called us and the assistants into his office and we got to watch the Priesthood session of conference with him!! It was sooo nice, its the only part of conference I've seen so far.  But i love watching conference now, all of the talks are very inspired and the spirit is always felt really strong.  I really liked Elder Christensen talk about testimony/conversion, and also President Uchtdorfs talk about ''Lord, is it I?''  Both of them really meant a lot to me.  Grateful that God still reveals his word to us today, it is such a wonderful blessing.  (D&C 1:37-38).

Friday the whole day was taken by taking some missionaries to the doctor.... so nothing interesting there.  

Had some great lessons on Saturday.   Met with one of our progressing investigators, Juvenah.  He told us about how he has a concern about being baptized, because he was afraid about leaving his church that he attends at his rural home.  So we talked to him a lot about the need to pray and find out for himself, and especially for him to read the Book of Mormon and see for himself it is true.  So he said if he receives and answer that the church is true, then he will be baptized and even bring his family from Meru so they can join the church as well.  So we are really trying to help him to receive an answer for himself.  But he is a great guy and is doing well.  

Also, on saturday, we went to Westlands to do bapt interviews for the Elders there.  So we showed up at 4:15pm, 15 mins before scheduled time for the interview.  Unfortunately we forgot that were in Africa... dealing with african time. So what does that mean? We waited for an hour and a half, then had to leave because of the cerfew time, and as soon as we were leaving the church.... the guy showed up.  we had to reschedule for next week..  Its a normal thing tho.  

Sunday was interesting.  We show up to church and find out the ward is splitting.... haha i had no idea.  So there will be an Upper Hill ward, and now a South B ward.  Both will still meet at the same building until Dec. when the South B ward moves into the building there.  So that was pretty interesting.  The South East Africa area presidency is trying to create more smaller spaced out ward/branches so people don't have to sacrifice as much money for transport and time to get to church, so that's the main reason why they split the ward. So we will be working with both wards for now.  

After church we were able to split and meet with two of our progressing investigators, Kevin and Nifred.  Both are progressing really well, and we hope for them to be baptized in Nov.  Unfortunately with Jackson, he had an emergency with one of his kids, so he had to go upcountry to help out with him.  So we will have to move his bapt to next month, so we can finish the lessons.  But he is still doing good.  

Sunday concluded with a dinner appointment at Bishops home, he invited us and the sisters to come over to visit with him and his family.  They made us some super super super nice food!! Fried rice, veggie stew, and nice nice nice chicken!! I ate soooo much hahaha pounded that food down! But i really think one of my favorite things as a missionary is visiting members.  There is always a special spirit felt at members homes, and especially here in kenya, members love missionaries sooo much.  Probably because most members are converts.  

2 funny things: we met some crazy drunk guy.  he told us his name is simba and that he comes from Cuba.... to prove he is from Cuba, he ''tried'' to speak to us in Spanish.  he didn't, but he did say the word for Church in spanish is ''churchisa''... I'm not spanish major, but i don't think that's right.  Better luck next time Simba, you aint gunna fool me!! haha.

Then, Bishop said some super shang this week... while visiting him, someone knocked on the door, and he said ''come in'.  they didnt come in, so he was frustrated and said  ''ahhh nani anaknock knock''.....  (who is knocking... he didnt know the word for knock in swahili hahahahahahhaaha). it was funny to me and my comp.  

But I love the work!! I'm grateful to be serving the Lord here in Kenya.  One thing I was thinking about this week was how reading the scriptures daily provides protection and hope for us.  As we read the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, we fortify ourselves and become spiritually stronger in the Gospel.  And as we read, we also learn of what God needs us to do here on earth, in order to return to his presence, and we find hope that we can overcome difficulties and trials through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  I'm grateful for the scriptures our Heavenly Father has blessed us with.  Its upon us to take advantage of them and gain all we can from them.  

But love you all!!! kwa hereni!! Mpaka wakati mwingine....

Elder Thomas

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