Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27, 2014

Habari zenu,

Well the time is flying by as usual.. another week gone.

This week was ok, not our best week tho.

Tuesday, doctors office all day.  i feel like an ambulance driver sometimes ha.  Lots of people getting sick around the mission. Not sure why.  But oh well.

Wednesday, early start.  We had to wake up at 5:00am to take the Assistants and President and Sister Hicken to the airport.  Later in the day we were able to go one exchanges with the elders in Athi River, so i was with Elder Barasa. He is from Uganda and is a convert to the church.  He is a super fun guy who is always talking and wanting to do something.  We didn't have much planned for the day, so we moslty contacted and talked with people.  We really ran into a lot of people who were not interested at all.  So as we went to this group of guys who were walking, and elder Barasa took a new approach to them and said  ''hey guys wait wait we have a special offer for you!'' They turned around and were all the sudden  very interested in what we had to say.  Elder Barasa then went on and said'' so our offer to you is how to get to Heaven, here is a book that will tell you more (plan of salvation)''.  They seemed a little less interested, but they still took the pamphlets.   it was pretty funny.  Then around 8:30pm we went back to the airport to pick up President and Sister Hicken and the Assistants. a long day.

Thursday, we got to go to Kibera, which is the biggest slum in Africa.  And i can definitely testify to that.... its super big! Its part of our area, and we have not really had time to go there.  We had some appointments set up... but all of them fell through.  So we just contacted and tracted the whole time.  We were also in a four-some..  Me, elder Barasa, and 2 other elders who we had to take to the doctor earlier in the week, Elder Makazi (Mombasa) and elder Bakubamutwe (Uganda). I  guess it could also be considered a five some if you count the member we had with us.  So we split and tried to find people to teach.  It was not bad.  But being there in Kibera showed me how blessed we are back home... and that we really have nothing to complain about.  

Friday, Zone Conference for Nairobi! It was really nice. The topics were how to use time more wisely and about repentance.  It was really spiritually uplifting.  

Saturday.... .  So we got invited to a wedding for this member named Alex (he works around the mission office), and he asked us to bring some pamphlets and talk with people. We thought it would be a good idea, that afterwards we talk with people and see if anyone is really interested.  SO! It was planned to start at 11:00am, so we got there early to set up.  But obviously, we were still working with African time... so what does that mean?? It started 3 hours late..... .  ahh it was frustrating. Interesting wedding tho.  

Sunday was good. First week with the 2 new wards, and president has assigned us to be in Upper Hill, so the sisters will cover South B ward. But a nice service. after church, we had a great lesson with sister Nifred. She is one of our investigators who is really progressing well. She is about 30 years old or so, and was a referral that we received a while back. Since then she has been coming to church just about every week. This past week, when we met with her we taught her about the Word of Wisdom. Before this lesson, we gave her the pamphlet and told her to read it. Before the lesson, I had a pretty strong feeling that she probably drank coffee and tea, so i was worried about that. So as we discussed about the Word of Wisdom, we discussed about the substances we should not use or take, like coffee and tea. We asked her if she uses any of these things and she said yes she does. But before we could go on anymore she went on to say'' When i read this pamphlet, i saw it said not drinking tea. I was really concerned about that because i love tea and take it everyday. But then I just got a feeling that it was probably best if i give up drinking tea. So i did and i haven't drunken tea in the past two weeks. Yeah i've really been tempted to drink it, but i haven since.'' Wow! I was really blown away and really happy for her. It really took a lot of faith for her to give up tea, and its amazing how quickly she did it without anyone telling her. Even with her she is doing a great job of reading the Book of Mormon, and she shared some scriptures that she read that really meant a lot to her from 2 Nephi 4. She is really doing well. We also have Brother Kevin who is doing great, he should be ready for the 16th as well.  

But the work is going on well.  Still trying to find new investigators and trying to help those we already have.  But things are going on well.

Love you all!!

Elder Thomas

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