Monday, October 6, 2014

Sister Macheti, she is a less active member but is starting to come back to church.  She loves the missionaries.
Bro Emmanuel and Elder Nyambita with Daniel

When you only get 7 hours of sleep in 2 days... this is what happens.  Sipendi Transfers!

this is what i love most about Nairobi.. shang.  let me explain this advert. 
So its a promotional thing for an alcohol company.  So what it is suppose to say in english is ''The game needs you'', or if they wanted it to be in swahili it would be ''mchezo inakuhitaji''. 
BUT! due to the fact this is nairobi... Shang is needed.  So what do they write.... ''game inakuneed''.  two english words (game and need), and then they added swahili verb/prounoun markers (inaku).  

ninalove place hii

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