Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's November!

This past week was ok... not our best.  But still enjoyable!! I feel like every week here is enjoyable though.

So this past week, we did not get a whole lot of time to proselyte.  We were really busy doing other office work things... sometimes its a pain, but hey, no pain no game.  Something like that... haha but its all good.  

On Tuesday, we met a really cool guy names Silas.  He is a young guy, about 23 yrs old.  We contacted him a few weeks back while tracting, and we contacted him again and he was very excited to meet with us.  He had a ton of questions about the church and what we believe. We talked to him a little bit about the restoration and some other basic things about the church.  He was really astonished about the great apostasy.   He was very concerned about it, but then as we continued to talk he said it made sense because today there are soo many churches.  Even as we taught about the Book of Mormon, he was very interested in what its says and teaches.  So we hope to meet him again this week, and see if he is really serious. 

Wednesday we went on exchanges with the Westlands elders, so i was with Elder Njuguna.  He is a visa waiter, suppose to go to Cape Town, SA.  But he is originally from Eldoret. He is a really funny guy, and man...the whole time he was talking talking... haha. He has a lot to say! But he is a great elder and a good guy.  Unfortunately, with him we did not get a whole lot of time to proselyte. In the morning, we had to wake up at 4:00 to take President Hicken and the assistants to the airport, and we then had to pick them up in the evening.  And wow... traffic was super bad! In and hour and a half, we moved 2 kilometers... it was a joke!! Cars were jammed everywhere ha! But the extra time we had, we just contacted.  It was an ok exchange, just that we didn't have a lot of time to proselyte.  

Friday, we had to help out with one of the zone conferences for the elders in Nakuru, Naivasha, Kilungu zone, and Chyulu zone.  They all came to Nairobi because it is like a central meeting place.  So we had to set up tables, get the food organized, and just do some few other things.  Then we drove more elders to the doctors office... we are like ambulance drivers for the mission haah but its ok.  

Saturday, we went to westlands to do a baptismal interview... for someone who did not show up... that was unfortunate.  Then we drove more elders to the doctors office.  BUT! we finished the day on a great note.... we got invied by the Hickens for dinner and bocce ball.  It was a ton of fun! 

Great fast Sunday.  We were able to meet with both Nifred and Kevin after church.... and both of them are still doing great.  We are planning for both of them to be baptized on the 16th of this month.  YA! Both are reading the Book of Mormon and are really progressing well.  Im really exicted for the two of them.  

The work is going along ok, besides Nifred and Kevin we dont have any other progressing investigators at the moment.  With Javenah, he seems to have disappeared.  We call him but his phone is always switched off.  With Gerrald, he still wants to be baptized with his wife... only problem is that she never comes to church and is not even meeting with the missionaries in Kyambeke.  So, we will still try to work with these people, and hopeful start to find new people who are interested.  

But all is well.  I love my mission.  I especially enjoy learning new things each and every day.  I'm grateful that the Lord has blessed me with this time to serve him, and also the increased understanding that I have about the gospel, and those things which are most important. Our Heavenly Father loves all of us, and wants us to be happy here on earth.  Happiness is a choice, even when things are tough, if we chose to be happy, we will be happy.  And consistent gospel living is the only way to true happiness! Its the truth!  

Love you all!!

Elder Thomas

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