Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

namna gani vipi?!

yes yes yes another week has come and gone leaving this month with only one more week.... crazy!

Well, this week was not our best, but we still had some good things that happened.  But most of this week was just trying to find new people.  

At the begining of the week we got to go on exchanges with the Elders from Athi River, so i got to be with Elder Barasa again! He is a super funny guy from Busia Uganda.  And we had a pretty good day together with some good lessons.  We were able to meet with a few new investigators. The first one was Antony.  He was some guy that Elder Harris and I contacted at Uhuru Park.  He had a ton of questions for us, so we told him we would love to meet with him again on Tuesday.  He agreed and gave us his phone number and we went our separate ways. So on Monday night we tried to call his number... but it was a wrong number.  So we thought that he either wrote it wrong or just gave us some funny funny number because he wasnt interested. That was discouraging.... until he showed up at the church at the exact time we planned to meet with him! so we met with him, answered his questions, and gave him a bapt date that he accepted! He is really awesome! only problem is... when we met he gave us another number.... so we thought ok great now we his 'actual' number'. it was a wrong number again......... so i dont know, i hope he shows up again randomly so we can continue to teach him.   but this happens a lot with people. 

Also this week we were able to meet with Gerald again, and he is doing great.  We are planning for the 14 Dec with him. We reviewed the restoration with him, and he basically taught us everything.  He is super powerful! He says that now that he understands how the gospel works, he wants to be able to spend more time with his family. Right now he lives here in Nairobi, while his family stays in Kyambeke (which is like 3 hours away).  So he wants to quite his job here (which is a pretty good paying job), and be able to spend more time with his family, and be able to teach them the gospel there.  POWERFUL!! Thats the way it should be, so im really excited for him.  Family first!!!

Saturday we got to go to Kibera.  It was interesting as always.  We had a member there to help us so it was good because Kibera is soooo big, and confusing.  It goes on for miles and its easy to get lost.  But wow we WALKED.  no joke probably like 14 or 15 miles round trip. But hey, serving a mission makes you stronger... both spiritualy and physically!  but i enjoyed it.  Some drunk guy wanted to fight us because we didnt greet him.... haha. But he was to drunk to do anything haha so it was just more funny than scary. Hooray for the word of wisdom!

Sunday was Nairobi Stake conference! So I was able to see some familiar faces from Rongai branch!! It was waaay cool to see some of the members again from there.  We watched a broadcast that went out to all of the stakes/ districts in all of Africa.  It was cool, Elder Robert C. Gay from the Seventy and Elder Bednar and Pres Uchdorf spoke.  The main message was putting the gospel culture at the center of our lives, by not putting our cultures above the things of God.  Like no Dawri! Which is paying for your bride when you want to marry.... haha people love doing that here.  But its bad! So just some things like that.  

But things are great!I love my mission and Kenya so much! Its such a blessing to be able to be out here to serve the Lord and his people.  This week I read 2 Nephi 4, and it really sank in for me.  Especially vs 16-34.  While reading it I was just thinking about what my mission has meant to me, just being a time where I have struggled a lot and had lots of challenges, but more than that, a time where I was able to learn for myself who God really is.  That he is our Loving Father in Heaven.  That he wants us to succeed and be happy.  As long as we keep ourselves clean and do our best to come unto Him, we will be able to feel of His presence and love and see him more fully involved in our lives.  

Ninawapenda ninyi nyote! Wiki njema na Mungu awe ninyi!!

Elder Thomas

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