Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Well... another week is gone in the books. Crazy!  But this week was pretty good, really up and down but not bad!

This past week we were put in a three-some, Elder Nyambita, myself, and an elder named Elder Kisekka.  So we got the opportunity to work with him the whole week. He is a really cool guy and i knew him before from Kitale zone. But he has been out for almost 23 months... ha so he is almost finished.  But he is from Uganda, a convert to the church and a former muslim. It was cool to be working with him this past week.  

On Tuesday we had our Zone Training Meeting.  So we had the whole zone with us and we were able to discuss a few different topics like finding more people to teach and doing better with working with ward/branch leaders.  So elder Nyambita and i went over these topics with the zone and It went well for the most part.  We mostly just discussed having the faith to find and also having faith in the members and leaders and working with them more effectively.  So we hope it helped the zone in one way or another!

Wednesday and Thursday we mostly just drove people around and did office work... so nothing really that interesting.  BUT! We had an awesome lesson with a new investigator, Silas.  He is super powerful! We contacted him a few weeks back, and we have met with him a few times since then, mostly just answering his questions. And he has a ton! But on Thursday we were able to teach him about the Restoration, and it was POWERFUL!! He had lots of great questions.  At the end of the lesson we asked him about his thoughts about what we had shared with him.  He said that everything we taught him was very new to him and different, but that it all made sense to him.  So we committed him to pray about it and we also extended him a bapt date and he accepted! So hopefully as he receives and answer to his prayers  and continues to keep commitments and progress he should be ready by December.  And he also came to church on sunday! We asked him how he liked it and he said ''yeah i enjoyed the two classes a lot (priesthood/gospel principles) they were very interactive and nice.  But the sacrament meeting.... i'm not to sure about.'' We were a little confused and asked why.  He said he didn't see people standing up and praising the Lord, and the hymns were very quiet to him... he was expecting people to get up and get all fired up ready to praise and say Hallelujah! hahahahaha! So we explained to him how important the sacrament is and how it should be reverent, so then he understood.  People are very into the Pentecostal stuff here ha. So we hope to meet him again this week.  

Friday was not bad.  We got to  go on exchanges with the assistants, so i got to be with Elder Maduna again, my old comp!! it was a lot of fun to be with him.  We had some good lessons and it went well.  We then had a dinner appointment with on of the families from the ward, the Badoo's.  They are super awesome! They are from Ghana, but Bro Badoo works in kenya with IBM.  They have also lived in Atlanta while working for IBM, so they are pretty interesting people.  They really love missionaries soo much.  Bro Badoo says the reason why he likes missionaries coming to visit him and his family so much is because he wants his kids so see what missionaries are like, so they can serve one day as well.  he also said that he likes to feed missionaries because he wants his kids to get fed when they go out. That reminded me of you mom~!!!! haha i remember you said the same thing, so that was cool.  They made us fried rice, mashed potatoes, chicken wings, and then brownies and ice cream...... wow!! it was very nice.  

Saturday was up and down. All of our appointments got bounced... so that was very disappointing.  But, we had one of the Ward missionaries with us, Bro Coulston, so we were able to go on splits with him.  So i went with him and elder Nyambita and Kisekka went out together.  So Coulston and I just went out tracting and contacting... and it was pretty nice.  It was just really cool being with a member who was so willing to go out and go tracting with the missionaries.  So it was really enjoyable!

Sunday was really nice! We had the opportunity to go back out to Machakos to go help out with the group there.  Since the last time we were there, they have had one baptism! The members fellowshiped this guy named Frank(24 yrs or so), they taught him all the lessons, and he was then baptized at the Athi River ward.  So this week as we did the sacrament, he was able to pass the sacrament.  it was really cool.  I presided over the meeting (hahahaha) and Elder Nyambita, Kiseka, and I all gave talks.  There were 7 people total.  But by small and simple things are great things brought to pass! 

Also, because both Nifred and Kevin are only avaliable on Sundays, they were interviewed yesterday for baptism... and both of them passed! So this next Sunday we will be having their baptisms.  So i'm super excited for them!! They are powerful! We really hope that all goes well for them this next sunday!!! 

But this was also Elder Nyambita's last week on mission... tomorrow he goes back home to Mwanza, TZ.  Its crazy... he was my first companion and now he is finishing! It was good to be with him twice.  

Transfer news are tonight, so we will see who my new companion is.  

But This week i began to re-read the Book of Mormon again. I want to finish it again before i go home, and i'm excited to have the chance to read it again! We had a lesson this week with a recent convert who is preparing to serve a mission and we read Alma ch 26.  I would recommend all of you to read it.  Its Ammon reflecting on his missionary service. Some of the Powerful verses are vs. 3,15 about being instruments in the hands of the Lord, and 37 how the Lord is mindful of all people.  I'm grateful for the Book of Mormon and It's teachings about the Savior and the things that will bless us the most.  I know its true.  

Love you allllll!!! Wiki njema na endelea vizuri! 

Elder Thomas

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