Monday, January 12, 2015

3 Weeks left

Habari Zenu!?
Another week down.... crazy how fast time is going!
So this week.... really not a whole lot to talk about.
Most of this week was spent visiting Recent Converts within the branch and teaching after baptism lessons. It's pretty easy and simple to do but very important! We also have a few new investigators that we are trying to work with, so things are going well for the most part.
Saturday, while elder Musasisa, myself, and a branch missionary were out proselyting, one of the local drunkards followed us around.... for 30 minutes.... it was pretty annoying.  He kept making noise and was just super annoying.  He was speaking english, then swahili, then mother tongue...  this guy was all over the place.  It was interesting.  He wanted to fight my companion and the branch missionary hahah.  Moral of the story: alcohol is bad.  Hooray for Word of Wisdom!
But really, there is not a whole lot more to share about this week.... sorry.
Lakini! I read from Mosiah 2 this week.... powerful! King Benjamin has some powerful teachings for sure.  I especially love what he teaches in verses 20-24.  Verses 20-21 basically teach how for us, if we labored all our days and did all we could to serve God, giving him everything we have, it would never be close to enough.  BUT! Verses 22-24 teach that all the Lord requires from us is to keep his commandments. And even more, if we do keep the commandments, the Lord will ''immediately'' bless us.  I know this to be very true! But i just love how simple it is, if we keep God's commandments, the blessings will come and good things will happen.  Simple as that.  But if we disregard or disobey, we lose those promised blessings from the Lord. The Lord loves us and wants to give us all we need to be successful here on earth, but he asks that we do our part as well. 
Well.... time is really running.  Crazy to think this is my last month as a missionary.... Its been the greatest blessing for me though.  I love my mission and Kenya|!!!
Love you all and have a great week!!!! kaeni tamu!

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