Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Last Letter!

Dear Family,
Well, obviously as probably all of you know, this will be my last letter written to all of you as a missionary.  Its really weird to think about. Lots of mixed feelings. I can't even describe it.  My mission has really been the happiest time of my life.  I have grown so much and I know its because i have had this opportunity to live the gospel so fully.  It will be wonderful to come back home and see all of you, but it will be bitter sweet. 
I have loved my time serving around the people here in Kenya.  People here have sooo much more faith than people back home, and are much more willing and eager to act upon the things of God.  It will be really weird not being in Kenya anymore. 
So with this week...
Lots of lessons with Recent converts.  They are doing good tho. 
We have a really cool new investigator, Joseph. He is really just one of those guys who for sure has been prepared by the Lord! He loves what we teach and really loves the Book of Mormon! He is way powerful.  Only one problem.... he has a polygamy issue that we got to work out. Polygamy is legal and very common here.  So that might take some time but he is powerful!
Sunday, gave my farewell Testimony in Mautuma Branch (Saturday I go to Nairobi for final interview). It was nice though.  All the members came up afterwards and were all sad that I was going.  But after Church, we had a cool experience.  The first councilor in the branch, Bro Kabas, his mom died this week.  So after the service, ALL of the members went over to his home to be with him and his family.  We just comforted him and his family and sang some hymns and it was a really cool experience. I thought it was way cool that all the member mobilized themselves together and did something like this.  It was way powerful.
But a good week, not to much more else to say.
But i know with all my heart that this is God's Church. I'm grateful for Jesus Christ and His Atonement, and because of him all of us can change for the better. I know the Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith was God's chosen prophet to restore the fullness of the Gospel, and Thomas S. Monson is God's chosen prophet for us today.  I know God loves us and wants us to return back to his presence. 
  Thanks for all you love and support.  Especially you mom! I know that you have been worrying about me a lot, but don't worry, I have been in the Lords hands.  I will still be Daniel when i get back home, but i wont be the same.  I still goof around and do funny things, but now i really know what matters and whats important.
Well.... this is it.  LOVE YOU ALL!! see you soon.
for the last time.....
Elder Daniel Elijah Thomas

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