Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1st Area in Kenya- Langata Zone, Rongai

Hello from KENYA!!!
Ha i finally made it! its crazy to think that i am finally here. And mom sorry that i wasn't able to call back from the airport, the phones were not working but it was good to talk!
On Tuesday we left J-Burg right after we went to the Temple. It was nice to go to the temple one last time before not seeing one for 2 years ha. At the airport,me and 5 other elders who were also going to Kenya, had to wait at the airport for 7 hours... ha our flight wasn't until midnight. But the flight went all good and we arrived safely. The only problem we had at the Kenya Airport was that the security there would not let 3 of our elders leave (I guess because they were from South Africa and their visas were messed up.) But after and hour they let them through. We then got to meet President and Sister Broadbent!!! They are such awesome people. They also came with the AP's who are really cool and they drove us back to the mission office. But the first thing i saw right as soon as we got out of the airport parking lot was a bunch of ZEBRAS!! haha but those have been the only animals I've seen so far.
Once at the mission office we talked to president and filled out some stuff, and were then taken to the AP"s flat (in Kenya they call apartments flats). So we chilled there for a while and rested, and then went to the Mission home for dinner. It was nice being able to spend some time with pres and sister Broadbent, they made us feel at home. But after dinner, we got to find out our areas and trainers. So i will be in the Rongai area! (pronounced ron-guy). And my trainer is Elder Nyambita, from Tanzania. He is awesome! He has been out on his mission for 3 months and is already training. so im glad to have him.
My area is pretty big. we either take a mapatu (a ghetto pimped out toyota bus thing) or we walk to get around. We walk so much it is crazy!! Ha my area is like New York City combined with the indian reservation...haha but its great! there are soooo many people on the streets its crazy. But i love it and people seem to be pretty receptive to us missionaries.
And my flat (apartment) is pretty good. it has running water and electricity. but sometimes the electricity goes out... hahah its funny. And we have to hand wash our clothes, which is really easy to do so its no big deal.
And the food here is pretty good. Its a lot of rice, beans, chicken and fruits. My comp made chipati (like a tortilla thing) and its super good i love it!! but i haven't had anything crazy to eat yet haha. But i usually eat a lot of bread and peanut butter haha its good.
Oh and funny story today! we were going to the mission office today to go pick up some suplies and guess who i saw... Sister Mackenzie!! hahah soo crazy to see her. She was at the distribution center getting stuff and i ran into her. ha it was weird seeing her not as a missionary! but she wanted your phone number so i gave it to her. i don't know if she will call you or something but it was good to see a familiar face.
But its good to hear that everyone is doing good. I love hearing about everyone and all that they are doing. oh and a lot of people here wear soccer jerseys and a lot of them are Barca ones! ha it reminds me of Emmy. and glad Joe is staying busy with sports and josh haha. Hailey ap psych will be good for you, its interesting. And tell Dad thanks for those talks and papers he gave me, they have helped a lot. And mom you are awesome i love you soooo much thanks for all the updates and support!! Love you all sooo much! and be grateful for all you have. And sorry but next week i wont be able to write, we are not allowed to go outside on Monday because next week is elections. so Monday will be the only day and then we will resume with missionary stuff.

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