Friday, February 8, 2013

Daniel made it to Africa!

Hey i made it hear finally! ha its crazy cuz I've been on a plane for a total of 24 hours, so that was horrible. but after i got done talking to you on the phone i met up with 5 other missionaries and we all flew together to Joe-Burg. once we got there we found the guy picking us up from the airport and he was with three other elders who had already got there before us. after that we had to wait ten mins for the last elder to get there. on Saturday ill send you a picture of all of us. then we drove to the MTC which took 30 mins. once we got there we got settled in and we had lunch, hamburgers which were good. and right now there are only 23 elders at this mtc hahah. everyone here is super nice so that helps. in my room i have 2 other Elders who are both from Africa, one from Uganda and one from Zimbabwe, and ill email you their names next time because I'm not quite sure how to say/spell their names haha. but today they are keeping us up all day so that we get used to the time change. but i already know that i am going to love it here! ill write you more Saturday when i have more time but i just wanted to let you know that i got here safely. love you!!
Elder Thomas

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