Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A letter from Ben to Dan

Wow so much has happened this week and it sounds like so much is happening at home!! This week it's been pretty funny. I've been looking at the calender a lot and thinking how Daniel is finally leaving for his mission. Haha I can't believe it! It's so weird like it seems like I was in Bergamo with Anziano Treadway when I found out he was going to Kenya!! I just can't say how happy I am and how weird it was to see the photos of him leaving from the Airport!! I remember being pretty nervous leaving from the MTC in Utah I can't even imagine going by myself to South Africa!! So weird.. But I'll know he'll do great because one he has such a strong testimony and two I've taught him well ha! Still can't get over it but I know he'll have such great experiences because I know that missions bring these experiences that will last us for eternity. Get them Daniel!!

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