Saturday, February 9, 2013

1st Letter

Hey everyone! haha hello from the S Africa MTC! It is a lot of fun here and everyone is super nice. But yeah the MTC looks kind of like the pictures on the website, but a little smaller than i thought. But yeah we have 22 missionaries in here right now and its nice because we get to know everyone pretty good. And i don't feel like its that humid, but it is very pretty here. And yes i can can understand everyone here, but it's cool because everyone has different accents so its fun to listen to everyone.
But the MTC is great, although it has showed me that missionary work is not going to be easy! ha we are mostly learning how to teach people right now, which is not an easy thing to do. but eventually I'll become better at it and it will be all good. But here in the MTC we have two districts, the Moroni and Helaman districts. And I am the Zone leader and District leader for the Helaman district! haha we just conduct meetings and help the president with stuff around the MTC. President Reber and his wife are so awesome. they are great people and are always helping us out. Its nice because they also take the time to get to know us.
My companion here is Elder Nyanhamo! (pronounced like this: ya-nah-mo). he is 21 years old and is from Zimbabwe. He is going to the Australia Melborne mission. the reason why he is in this mtc is because his visa got denied to New Zealand (where the closes mtc is to his mission) so he came here. He is such a great comp and i am so glad to have him. I feel like all of the African Elders here have such a great spirit and their testimonies are awesome! The African elders are soo funny! they love to laugh and it makes things in the mtc a lot better.
One of the Best things about the mtc is sports time! here we have a bball court and a sand volley ball pit. the first day we played bball and it was fun. it was funny to watch the African elders play because most of them have never played before. i was laughing most of the time! The second day we played soccer! ha the African elders are soooo good. they were making crazy passes to each other and i thought that i was playing against Messi or something! ha it was good tho.
Right now most of the missionaries here are either going to the Zimbabwe, Kenya, Or Cape town mission, I think they group it like that on purpose. But i love it here and its great. Although every once in a while we get some strange food to eat... hahah its ok tho i still eat it, like jemsquash.
But i love you guys soo much. thanks for your prayers and i really miss you guys. glad to hear everyone is doing good! let me know where josh is going! and tell nate that the mtc here is good and to look out for elder Marz when in Zimbabwe. Sorry i don't have a lot of time and i wont be able to upload pictures until i am in Kenya. and we are only going to be able to go the the Temple once while here ( closed for cleaning) but at least i get to go. I love you all sooo much! make sure to read your scriptures. And thanks for the Package and letter!!!! so nice of you all! love you
Elder Thomas

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