Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Easter

Hey Everyone!
And a Very Happy Birthday to Emmy this week!! 13! ha Emmy i love you!
Pretty crazy week. On Tuesday we had to go to Upper Hill to do some immigration stuff so that they don't deport me... haha. But we got to walk around Nairobi, and it is a beautiful city! Lots of cool buildings and parks. But while walking around we ran into Sister Mackenzie again! haha its crazy, i didn't think that i would see her that much but i seem to see here every once in a while, which is nice.
But one tough thing this week was that our Baptism for Ruth and Rose got pushed back another week or so. We were planning on teaching them the final lesson this week and clearing everything up, but we came to find out that their mother had to go to the hospital, so they were with her the entire week. It was to bad because their mother is a really good member of the Branch, so we prayed for her and she has gradually gotten better. But we are hoping for their Baptism this week. Its also been kind of tough because a lot of our investigators seem to disappear. We have good first lessons with them, but we never seem to find them after that. so that's been tough but we are working through it.
This week i was also blessed with a really awesome spiritual experience. One of the Sisters investigators was ready for baptism this week, and he asked me if i would be able to baptize him. His name is Denson, and he is in his 50's or so. He is such an awesome guy. I have got to know him over this past month and have talked to him a lot and sat with him at stake conference. He has also been telling us how prepared and ready he is to be baptized. So he asked me if i would be able to baptize him. It was such a great experience!! The Spirit was really there and I know that Brother Denson will be a great addition and help to the Ongota Rongai Branch. This has probably been the highest point of my mission so far, and i am hoping to use this as a base for the rest of my mission.
Also saw some animals this week! (i know Emmy might like to hear this). Kind of random though. While tracking one day, we saw a column of about 30 CAMELS walking down the street! ha it was super weird, me and my comp were like what the heck?! Also, while coming back from Langata in a matatu, we saw 3 BABOONS sitting on the side of the road! they were just chilling there eating some grass or something. They were pretty big though. It was weird to see them so close to town though!
But all is well here in Rongai. Things are getting better and I'm starting to enjoy my mission more. Glad to hear all is well with you all. I laughed at the pictures Joe made at church hahah pretty funny. But make sure to go to lots of Spring training games! especially Angels games! that's something I'm going to miss.
But love you all. Have a great Easter and always remember how important the Savior is in our lives. He Brings Comfort!
Elder Thomas (Daniel)

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