Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 18, 2013

Good week in Kenya, its good to be out of the flat and out working again! Ha although its been a tiring week, a lot of work! We have been teaching these two girls Ruth (16) and her sister Rose (19), and we will be baptizing them this Sunday the 24th! The missionaries have been teaching them for a while, and i got here just in time to help teach the last few lessons to them to help them prepare for baptism. They both love the gospel, and wanted to get baptized a long time ago but had to wait to get all of the lessons. Both have shown interest in going on missions! ahaha they aren't even members yet and want to serve already. Shows how much they enjoy and love the gospel. They will probably be baptized by their father who is also a recent convert of 3 months, so that will be good. We are also teaching their younger sister, Edith, who also wants to get Baptized, but needs to receive the lessons. so that will be good.
This week we have also been trying to get a lot more referrals from everyone we talk to, which has been really helpful. Everyone seems to give us at least on referral we can contact, some people more. It has really helped us just find more people to talk to and teach.
Also this week me and my companion were able to attend the Nairobi Stake Conference! It was awesome. We arrived early and were able to greet all of the people who came in. Everyone was super excited and friendly. Many people came up to me and asked me some questions about myself, so that was really nice. Although while I was greeting people, i was looking to see if sister Mackenzie would show up, but i didn't see her which was too bad. But it was also really crazy to see how many missionaries showed up as well. Turned out 40 missionaries came, all serving in the bounds of the Nairobi Stake! ha it was crazy to see of the the missionaries. I got to talk to most of them and a lot of them were really nice to me and also gave me some good advice. Also got to see Pres and Sister Broadbent as well which was awesome! Once the meeting began the entire chapel was packed! Soo many people came, i didn't realize there were that many LDS people in the area! But it was good to see all of the members from the Nairobi area. It was a good meeting, Elder Cook from the seventy spoke and it was really good. He talked about missionary work, and invited everyone who had ever served a mission or who is currently serving a mission to come up to the front. I was just expecting to see a few people and all of the current missionaries come up. Turned out about 120 people came up to the front! it was amazing! I was soo surprised. Then after the meeting, one of the investigators that came with us, Denson (probably around 50 or so), told me that he wanted to be a missionary now too. It was a really touching experience. He is not even a member, and already he wants to serve the Lord. It was an awesome experience.
As we were getting ready to leave, guess who i saw? Sister Mackenzie!!! hahah it was crazy. I guess she came a little late, but was also looking for me as well. It was good to talk to her, and she told me about how she called you and she says hello!
But all is good here. I enjoy seeing the pictures of everyone, looks like a good time in Pinedale! And tell the Ethingtons I say thanks, ill write them. Thanks so much for all of the letters and pictures, i really enjoy them, keep sending stuff! I love you all so much!
Elder Thomas

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