Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mom's questions answered

Thanks for all the letters and pics, i love them. So to answer your questions:
I am doing well. A lot of people here speak only Swahili, so its hard to communicate some times with people, but i usually can. And Swahili is hard to learn hah. People have weird accents as well but its all good.
Members make food sometimes, but we usually cook for ourselves. My comp is a great cook! he doesn't each much though hah.
My asthma is all good, only used my puffer once so far.
My clothes fit and are all good, just have to hand wash haha
My companion is 21 yrs old, has been a member for 3 yrs. but has been taught gospel for entire life, church was not in his area until recently (Mwanza Tanzania). He is good, we get along fine, he likes music a lot, especially country! George Strait and Allen Jackson and all the oldies! haha so funny

I liked Ben's letter, crazy experience. And he is going to transfer to Milan so he can get me and AC Milan soccer jersey haha.
Tell joe thanks for the updates! he is awesome tell him i love him and also to drink water... hahah and to keep playing baseball. He can play whatever sport he wants
Emmy is a litter stinker! she is so funny. tell her to keep playing soccer! and go arsenal! hahah
Oh and i got your letters! thanks so much i love the updates keep them coming! please send recipes in mail. basic ingredients.
I love you mom and i love you updates, you are the greatest!
Love you so much
Elder Thomas

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