Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hello to everyone!! It is soooo good to be out of our apartment now! Ha we had to stay in there for a full week... it was tough! It was hard because i had just started to get used to the missionary schedule, used to getting up and going somewhere. But during elections, we would just sit home all day! It was kind of nice though because it gave me a good opportunity to read my scriptures a lot, which was a blessing to me. But so far it seems as if all is well now in Kenya, elections are over and it seems like it is pretty peaceful, so hopefully it stays like that! haha. But before elections, it was kind of crazy around here. There were always political rallies going on and a lot of campaigning. People would hook big amplifiers up to their cars and go around and campaign for their candidates. There was one crazy rally where people were jumping up and down in a huge mosh pit blowing whistles and just going crazy! Haha i thought it was pretty funny, but we had to hurry and get out of there. Ha it was a pretty crazy time but made things fun around here.
But so far the work seems to be doing really well! We have 4 people with baptismal dates set up, and at least 6 other really good investigators that seem to be really enjoying the gospel. There are a lot of people who are curious about our religion and show a lot of interest in learning more. We recently got 15 referrals from members of the branch! its awesome. The only hard part about teaching people here is that a lot of them say they will come to church and make other commitments, but usually don't, which is sad. We also loose a lot of investigators as well because it is so hard to keep track of people around here because people are constantly moving. There are also no addresses in Rongai so its hard to find where people live! hah. But People love religion here in Kenya. On Sundays, most shops are closed down and everyone is usually dressed in their Sunday best. So its nice to see such religious people.
One thing that i have really notice so far is the attention that i get. People are always looking at me!! haha probably because i am the only white guy in the entire town. But its also nice because it helps us stand out and people are kind of drawn to us because i stand out ha. Another thing that is funny is that all of the little kids here like to follow me around. They will get all excited and say "how are you mzungu, how are you how are you?!" (mzungu is white guy in Swahili). hahah. I usually respond and say "good how are you!?" They usually just look at me and don't respond, because most of them only speak Swahili! Ha everyone here speaks Swahili. ON the streets that's all i ever hear. Most people do speak English, but not very well and prefer Swahili. So i have a feeling i be learning a lot of Swahili! haha.
I am also learning how to cook a lot of food! The first week i just ate a lot of bread.... hahh it was not good. But recently, I've been cooking beans, rice, spaghetti, and have just learned how to make chapati's!! They are my favorite food to eat! My companion showed me how to make them, and they are a mix between Indian fry bread and a tortilla, but really sweet and you can add bananas in them! Ive also eaten a lot of fruit here, mangoes, bananas, apples.
But So far I am starting to love Kenya! it was really hard at first to get used to the culture (and still kind of is), but i feel like i am adapting well.
Good to hear that everyone is doing well! I loved the picturess! Ha that's crazy that you had your 25th wedding anniversary!! Looks like you had fun and had some good food! Hailey keep up with track, gotta be able to contend with the Kenyans! Emmy keep doing well with soccer, people love soccer here, everyone wears soccer jerseys hear. Joe i cant believe you are on the Dodgers and not Angels... hahha its ok though i still love you. And mom thanks so much for all the letters, they are sooo good. And the Scriptures you told me to read were awesome! Love you all soooo much! Keep staying strong in the gospel and remember how blessed you all are!
Love Elder Daniel Thomas

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