Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 10, 2013

hey all,
This past week was pretty good but nothing super interesting. But a few cool things this week. 
The first good thing is that our 2 good investigators, Nicholas and Beatrice, are progressing really well! They keep all of the commitments and just want to be baptized already!  when we go to teach them they always ask if they can teach us the lesson, just to see what they know and remember about the pamphlets we gave them.  Man i love them sooooo much! they are probably my favorite people I've taught so far on mission.  I just hope all goes well with them because they are really really struggling financially, like you wouldn't believe, and they are still living in horrible conditions.  They weren't able to go to church yesterday because their little baby, Victorina, got sick because of the latrine smell that gets into their home. its really bad. But i really hope that things will start to get better for them! 
Also this week we helped one of our investigators, Moureen, move some furniture from her apartment to her new apartment.  And oh my goodness haha it was pretty crazy... it kind of reminded me of like some red neck trailer park moving crew!  but i guess for African standards its pretty normal! haha.  So me, elder Diodati, and the AP's Elder Schneider and Molundo (Uganda) helped her to move.  So we thought that we would be able to help her move her stuff pretty quickly, but we were soooo wrong! She just asked us to move one of her cabinets, so we though it would be easy, but man, the 2 cabinets that she had weighed like 250 pounds each! and they were  super awkward to carry so that made it hard too.  So the first cabinet we just decided to carry to her new home, which was like a 5 min walk away.  And holy cow that thing was sooo heavy! And it was tough too because we were walking on super uneven roads with crazy children and chickens running around.  And all of the people were looking at us like what the heck are these 3 mzungus doing with a cabinet?? haha it was funny and we got a ton of people watching us.  So we finally got the first on there, but the second cabinet was way to heavy to carry! So we decided to call a piki-piki (motorbike) to come pick it up... hahahah.  Piki-piki's can carry anything!  so we loaded it on the back of it and helped walk the thing to her new home. It was super ghetto and trashy looking but we got the job done! Missionaries can do anything! haha
We have also had a ton of recent encounters with drunk people lately. I don't know what it is but all of the sudden it seems like everybody is getting drunk! Both weekends and weekdays.  I guess people love their Tuskers lager here.... haha. Drunk people are pretty funny but also super annoying.  One guy came up to us and asked us where we were from. My companion said Canada, so the guy was like "oh. so Arnold Swartzniger is the president of Canada right?" (and yes he said it exactly like that).... hahaahhaa me and Elder Diodati just started busting up laughing.  Haha kenya is crazy!
But all is well with me. I love the mission. And i love KENYA!!!
Ndakhukhera! (Luya for I love you!)
Elder Thomas

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