Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 3, 2013

So i don't have much time today so I'll just cut to the chase! The giraffe center was awesome! At first it was dumb because we got there and all of the giraffes were gone. So that sucked. But as we were walking back home, we saw this place called Giraffe Manor, which looked cool, so we went up to the gate to check it out. And from the gate we could see all the giraffes! So we asked the security guard if we could come in and he said he wasn't sure because we would need to ask the manager, and right at that moment the manager came up!! ha so my comp basically sweet talked him in Swahili and he let us in! and to usually get into this place you have to pay hundreds of dollars, so it was awesome we got in for freee!! Giraffes are awesome!!
And this past week was ok.  We have two POWERFUL POWERFUL investigators, Nicholas and Beatrice. they have truly been prepared to accept the gospel.  We went to go teach them a lesson, but when we got there Nicholas asked us if we could try something different. So we asked what. He asked if HE could try and teach us the lesson we were going to teach him! (we gave him a pamphlet on the lesson the week before and asked him to read it).  And oh my goodness he blew our minds! He taught us the lesson perfectly and knew EVERYTHING about the lesson and doctrines!!! He and Beatrice are da best!! ha i love them so much. Only problem with them is that they are living in real crappy conditions right now, like literally. and their land lord lady is a real... I cant say. lets just say horrible person. she locked their little 6 month old baby in their shack/home and would not let her out.... so yeah that's crazy. But we hope and pray all goes well with them!
But hope all is well back home! LOVE YA'LL
Elder D Thomas

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