Monday, June 24, 2013

New Area - Chyulu

This week we received transfer news, and i will be leaving Rongai and be off to Chyulu.  It is going to be a really weird transition because Rongai has become my home, so just to pack up my stuff and leave just seems really weird.  And its hard to leave all of the people that i have come to love, but i know that the Lord needs me else where at this time. 
So my new area is one of those famous areas throughout the entire mission.  Missionaries are always talking about this place.  It is considered to be one of the most bushy and physically demanding areas within the mission.  It is basically out in the middle of nowhere.  But i guess that there are quite a few members that live out there and my area consists of 2 branches, so that sounds pretty good.  Most people who live in this area are from the Kamba tribe (there are 42 different tribes here in Kenya), so i will be trying to learn the Kikamba language now! haha it will be pretty interesting for sure.  Although i know that this next area will be a big challenge for me, i am excited to serve in Chyulu and ready for the challenge! And i know that the Lord wants me here for a reason, so i know that he will help me along the way. 
But i hope all is well back home. I heard bout Joes home run and that is so awesome!!! I don't think that I ever hit a home run in little league, so that's great that Joe already has. I bet he was sooo excited.

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