Monday, June 17, 2013


Mambo Vipe?
So this past week was interesting, both good and bad.  But this week was a little challenging and trying as far as the work goes.  It was just a tough week because probably about 15 of our appointments this week got bounced... so that was really frustrating. And what makes it worse is that people will not even inform us that they are not available, so that's always frustrating.  But we cant do much about that so we just have to stay on our grind and just keep going. 
But a really great thing about this week is that we found out that Nicholas and Beatrice can be baptized!!!!!!! Super excited for that.  We were worried about their marriage, because many people in Kenya don't get married through the government, but have customary or tribal marriages. So we were concerned if they had a marriage that was recognized by the church. But after talking to the Branch President, he said that all is good with them!! So they are planned to be baptized this Sunday which is AWESOME KABISA! They are no joke the best and most prepared people ever. For Serious.
Crazy experience this week.  We were coming back from one of our appointments in a matatu when it started pouring. Like the biggest rain that i have ever seen.  So as soon as we got out we ran to the Tusky's supermarket to take cover with about 50 other people.  So we sat in there for a while, hoping that the rain would die down (because we had to get to another appointment at a members home, who lived 15 mins away).  So we sat there for about 20 mins, but the rain never went down.  It started to get late so i told my companion that we gotta weather the storm and get to the appointment. So he agreed. We got some Tusky's plastic bags, put our stuff in there, and started booking it through the rain. And oh my goodness it was a bad idea! The rain was coming down sooooo hard it hurt my face. It felt like it was raining rocks. haahah and the streets were flooded so we had no idea where we were stepping. There was garbage and debris floating all over the place. There were latrines overflowing, so it got a little stinky you could say! haha and all of the people who were hiding inside were watching us in disbelief.  One guy shouted at us and said "You crazy mzungu's, don't you know its raining?!" haha it was funny but we finally got to our destination! but we were drenched kabisa.  Luckily the other elders apartment was close by, so we got to change into a mama's lava-lava skirt thing and a Masai blanket... yeah you bet we looked dang good! haha but it was a pretty crazy experience. 
Also we went to the Nairobi Animal Orphanage which was awesome. And i got to pet a Lion Cub!!! it was sweet. it bit me too, so yeah you can say that i have been bit by a lion before!! hhahaah
But also Happy Father's day to the best dad ever!!! LOVE YOU DAD
but much love
Elder Thomas

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