Monday, September 9, 2013


This past week was super awesome!!! Probably one of the most enjoyable weeks of my mission so far!
So on Tuesday, me and my companion and all of the elders from the Chyulu zone got on a bus from Mtito Andei to MOMBASA for the mission tour with Elder Renland from the seventy !! It was a 4 hour bus ride, but it was nice because the bus had AC, and because we also got to see some zebras and monkeys on the way there!! so that was cool.  Ha it was crazy to be in Mombasa because it was weird to be in a big city like that with a lot of cars and people!  I'm just used to my quiet life here in Darajani!  but Mombasa is really nice,super super humid, and lots of Islamic people  so that was really interesting. Also we got to take some took-tooks to get around which was really fun! Those are the little 3 wheel car things that the people in India use a lot... they are pretty common here as well.  those things love to go fast and weave in and out of traffic!  But on Wednesday we went to the meetinghouse in Mombasa and got to see Elder Renland and his wife and also pres Hicken and sister Hicken.  It was a super awesome conference! We were able to have a question and answer session with Elder Renland to be able to ask him some questions, mostly about how we can deal with some of the challenges and issues in our areas.  So it was cool to have him give us some advice and help on how to deal with and better our areas.  Pres Hicken also gave a training on obedience.  This is something that he is really pushing for in the mission, becoming exactly obedient to the commandments and also mission rules, which is good!  Really spiritually uplifting experience and cool to see one of the Seventy.  After the conference was over, we got to go to the BEACH!!! it was awesome! So we got to go with a few of the other missionaries there and it was awesome! The Indian Ocean is soooo nice! The water was super warm and very blue! Ha i also got stung by a jelly fish which really hurt... but it was still cool.(Daniel picked it up off the beach)  It was weird because there was like nobody at the beach... where I'm used to being in California and the beaches being packed!  but it was a super great time in Mombasa! I hope to serve there one day! Also in Mombasa, me and Elder Diodati bargained big time to get some ties that we wanted from 2,200 ksh to 1,500 ksh.... yeah for no price tags!!
But once we got back to Darajani, we were back to square one.  We are now looking for more people to teach and baptize.  But lucky for us the members are being awesome in helping us with the work.  We are getting a ton of referrals of people to teach, the thing is though that most of these referrals are little kids from about 9-12 yrs old... so we will see what we can do with them.  Also one thing that i have come to see here in Darajani is that EVERYBODY here knows about the church! when we introduce ourselves to people they usually say "oh your the missionaries of that big church right??" hahaha. Also one big problem that we have come into is that a lot of the less active people that we are visiting right now are now members of other churches.... ha so that is really frustrating but something that we will have to work through.
Other than that all is good here in Darajani! The people here are awesome and i love them a lot! Love you all and have a great week!!!
Elder Daniel Thomas

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