Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

So this past week was pretty good.  Ha man we have been super busy though, which is good!
So the big highlight for this week was that we were able to go to Masonagoleni, an area on the way outskirts of our area.  We used to go there with the Couple Missionaries because they had a car, but since then we haven't gone in a long time.  But we were able to take one of the leaders in the district presidency with us and he was able to show us around. But man it is super far! ha we start by taking a 25 minute matatu ride, then drop in a little town, and then get on a piki-piki and drive for 45 minutes... hahah our area is huge.  But it was awesome to be in Masonagoleni.  We were able to meet with some of the leaders of the group that they have there, and it was good.  We also found out that there are a few people there who are not members of the church, but have been attending the group and want to become members! so we will try to continue to visit the members there and also teach the investigators that are there as well.  We hope that if we continue to visit there and are able to find and baptize people, we hope that maybe a branch will be able to be established there. So we will be working towards that. 
We are still continuing to visit a lot of the less active members here as well.  Its sad because a few of these less actives that we have found said that they have no more interest in coming to church anymore... mostly because they have joined other churches.... ahhh its soo sad to see.  Its frustrating but we will just have to keep visiting these members, and hope that we can help them feel of that spirit that they once felt at baptism.  But we have had some success with a few of the less actives, we had a few come to church this week and it was awesome! we had 2 priesthood holders who came for the first time in a while and it was awesome! That is one thing that the district is really pushing for here, having 15 active full tithe paying Melchizedek priesthood holders in each branch so that the district can become a stake! So that is what we are aiming for in Darajani. 
Also this week Cosmas and William were able to be confirmed! It was awesome. Cosmas was especially happy, he was glad to now be an official member of the church and to have the Holy Ghost! We will continue to work with him and help him to receive the priesthood, so he can really start to help the branch here. 
So this week we will be going to MOMBASA!!! we will have a conference there with Elder Renland from the seventy, so i am excited for that. I'm also excited to go to the Indian Ocean!!!! ;)
Things are good here though, i love Kenya!!!!! Love you all have a super week!
Elder Thomas
p.s. i got to wear my tie for fast Sunday! hope someone else wore it as well!

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