Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

This past week seemed to have flown by! Ha it really seemed like we were all over the place this week.
So the work right now in Darajani seems to be doing ok.  We visited a lot of less active members this week.  We are really trying to get these lost sheep back in the fold! Its just sad to see these good people who once had that solid testimony of the True church but have seemed to have lost it somewhere... so we are just trying to be friendly and kind to these members and help them see that we love them and hopefully get them to remember and retain that testimony that they once had! It was good to see on Sunday that one of them did come! He seemed to have a great time at church and seemed to make a real impact to the branch.  But the really cool thing that we are seeing here is that in Darajani 2 the members are really stepping it up! This past week we saw a lot of the members going out to do Home Teaching as well as visiting teaching.... and  at church we had the biggest attendance I've seen since I've been here! Just showed me how important it is for members to do these things that might seem small.... but truly bring about a great good! BY SMALL AND SIMPLE THINGS GREAT THINGS ARE BROUGHT TO PASS!  its true for sure.  It was awesome to see the members doing their best to help out their brothers and sisters. 
Also on Thursday we had made plans to go visit some members of Darajani 1 with the branch president.... unfortunately at the last minute he said he couldn't go with us... so that was a big bummer.  So because of that, we decided that we could go explore our area.... because our area is GIANT! ha i haven't seen half the area just because it is so spaced out.  But it was actually pretty nice, we were able to contact and talk to a lot of people and see the far reaches of our area.  But man.... we were deep in the bush! hah we were biking along and we came past a sign that said "Muthesye village 1 km south"..... ummmm yeah so we were out in the villages! it was cool tho.  So we hope that some good comes out of our time there and that we can find some more people to teach there!
Also this week, we were at market day on Saturday to look for some things that we needed when this guy called us over. At first i thought that he just wanted us to buy something, which is typical because when people here see two white guys walking around.... they think that we have money stacked up.  But once we started talkin to him, he started to ask us some questions. Then i was like ohh yes this guy wants to hear the truth for sure.... turns out tho that this guy wanted to bible bash us kabisa..... haha he asked my comp to take out his bible and then he went crazy, started to read all these scriptures trying to tell us why our church is wrong and how the Book of Mormon cant be true. Ohh my goodness it was soooo ridiculous. This guy was taking all this stuff out of context and misinterpreting things.... ayyye it was bad new bears! It was really frustrating and sad, i tried to be as nice as possible when talking to this guy... but i about lost it with him so i told my comp that we had to go. But crazy enough, my companion got him to accept a Book of Mormon! haha so that was kind of a miracle. But pretty crazy thing. Bible bashing is dumb. 3 Nephi 11:29.
Anywho things are ok! Really trying to find some new investigators, especially families. Elder Tebbs is doing well, seems to be loving mission, not homesick at all, so he is doing a lot better than i was when i first got here so that's good! Got to watch the movie "On the Lords Errand", about Thomas S. Monson. Really came to see and feel that he is truly a prophet of God. I'm grateful that we have a living prophet today who can help guide us and give us revelation from the Lord!
But i love you all!
Elder Thomas

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