Monday, September 16, 2013

Septmeber 16, 2013

Ayyye its crazy now seems like the weeks are flying by and time is moving fast! ha another week has come and gone here in Darajani and things are pretty good here.  This week was awesome because we got to visit with a lot of the less actives here in the branches.  It was good to find out where some of these people live, but it would have been impossible to have found these people without the help of the members of the branches! ahh its a huge testimony to me on how important members are. Missionaries come and go, but its the members  that stay in these areas and are the ones who really help the work of God to progress! So family..... help the missionaries!! hahah.  Even it was cool to see at church 2 of the less active individuals that we had been meeting over the past few weeks! it was good to see them at church and partaking of the sacrament.  But the only problem that we have come to face with when meeting these less active members is that like 90% of them don't speak any English.... and I'm like ummmm errrr what??? haha but good thing Elder Dimingu is here to help! Ha he knows Swahili kabisa so he is able speak and talk with the people.  ha but this has really shown me how much i need to know Swahili..... so I've really been trying to study lately! so i hope that i will be able to speak it one day! haha but of course with the help of the Lord anything is possible. also still working on my Kikamba... don't think I'll ever know it but the people here love it when i greet them in their own language! Especially the old mama's! Haha they get all excited and always smile. 

Also we had a great lesson this week with Cosmas teaching him about Temples for the after baptism lessons.  It was awesome to see his interest in Temples.  He really has a desire to learn more about Temples, and even asked when he can go! ha so we were able to talk to him about it, ha the only thing was that he was a little sad that the closest temple is all the way in South Africa... but one day there will be one here! Haha but it was funny while we were talking about how temples are really holy and spiritual places were you have to be really worthy to go, he said "ohh, so the temple is the place you fear most if you are not worthy".... ummm yeah i guess so?? haha it was funny but good to see that he understood the sacredness of temples. 
Still working on finding some new people to teach, we have a lot of potential investigators but we are trying to see if they are serious.  Still dealing with the drunkards that like to follow me around and shout "mzungu" every time i pass by.... haha.  But things are good, mission is great, and the church is true! i love you all!
Elder Thomas

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