Monday, May 5, 2014

April 28, 2014

This past week was super busy in Kitale and Sikhendu!!
So on Tuesday we had to do exchanges with the Misikhu elders, so i was with Elder Mwashi. He is a brand new missionary from Nairobi.  It was fun being with him, he had soo much energy and was always super enthusiastic and energetic! Almost like a Kenyan Spencer haha.  But we were able to meet some new investigators while i was with him.  It was crazy though because as we were going to one of our appointments, it started raining super super hard! So we had to wait under a kibanda thing for like 2 hours, it would have been impossible to bike around.  But it was cool because we were able to teach and visit with a few random people under the kibanda. 
Then on Thursday, we switched back in Sikhendu and worked there for the day.  But man we WALKED that day!!  We went with Bro Mukenya, one of the members. We asked him to take us to as many less active families as we could.  Little did we know that there was a funeral going on that day.... so that means that EVERYBODY goes. No joke.  Mostly because of free food.  But anyways, we got bounced a lot.  But it was cool, because we went to a part of Sikhendu that i had never seen before.  Really deep in the bush.  Like we went most of the day walking around not seeing anyone on the paths. We were really out there! But somehow we were able to have a few great lessons.  One was with Bro Wasike, a less active member who used to be the Branch Pres.  He has not been to church for over two years.  We felt prompted to share about the restoration, reading from Joseph Smith History.  Really nice lesson.  He asked a lot of good questions afterwards and really appreciated us coming.  Then on Sunday he came to church!! It was so awesome, really was like a small miracle. 
Also again this week we did street boarding again with our Branch President and mission leader.  We are really finding a lot of people to teach from this! Even we found an AWESOME new investigator named Willis.  He is a seventh day Adventist, but was really interested in learning more.  He is just one of those guys who is really out there to find the truth.  Met with him twice this week. The first time we just discussed shortly the Book of Mormon and answered all his questions about it.  But the best lesson we had was when we taught him the restoration. WOW! Had to have been one of the best lessons that i have been in on my mission.  All of his questions were just super great and really on point.  The coolest part was when we discussed the First Vision.  He was like glued on us! And when we talked about when Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith,  he said "wow! So from what you are saying God and Jesus Christ came to Joseph smith and called him as a prophet." I was like yes... haha! I was just shocked about how well he really comprehended what we were teaching.  Most people are like confused when we get to this point and just think that angels came to Joseph Smith. But Willis was right on point and really understood well, for sure the Holy Ghost was there doing the real teaching! Also gave him a bapt date for June.  But he is sooo awesome! Going to meet with him again this week.
Story of the week. Crazy story.  So my comp and i found a less active family that no one wanted us to visit apparently... they are awesome but anyways back to the story.  The whole family is members, except for the sister to the Father of the family, she goes to ADC (African divine church, ya its bogus). anywho we start the lesson with a prayer, my comp starts praying.  As he is prayin i start to hear a really weird noise, but think nothing of it. Then it gets louder and louder, so i open my eyes to see whats goin on around here.  The lady who is not a member was making all sorts of funny sounds, and then she just went for it! She started screamin stuff like "oh Jehovah, Lord, Bwana!" like she was at the top of her voice screaming all these crazy things. Me and my comp just start looking at each other like what the freak is going on here?? I was no joke really scared haha.  And this lasted for a solid 10 seconds of screaming.  After she is done, the member we were with turns to us and says "continue." Elder Dick was just like "in the name of Jesus Christ amen."   Then i looked at the lady again and she was shaking and still muttering stuff to herself.  I was in shock, disbelief, and super scared! Nobody else seemed phased by it at all. It was like normal for everyone else! I guess what happened is that she was feeling "the spirit" and then had "the gift of tongues" and just went for it.  All it showed me is that apostasy is still rampant today. That is not something that should ever happen, like at all! Super crazy, churches in Kenya teach their members really apostate and dumb stuff.  But ya. Grateful that we have restored truths that govern our church and lead us in the strait and narrow way. Look out for apostasy its out there!
But a great week.  Really enjoying serving the Lord.  I am so grateful for all your support and love. Remember to put God first and everything else will fall into place. I love you ALL!
Elder Thomas

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